Saturday, February 18, 2006


Paul was getting dressed a little while ago to go out and he comes into the computer room to tell me he's leaving. He looks out the window behind me and he get's this look of shock on his face as he sees it snowing out. Since the window was behind me I didn't see it either. What makes this even more funny is for some reason he decided to put a tshirt on to go out in (with a jacket of course). *giggle* So he's now in the bedroom muttering to him self as he's looking for a sweatshirt to wear.

Men what silly things they can be. :)

Here is my update of St. Paddy's Day Kitty Moon. I should have this done tomorrow. I just need to do the last shamrock and the nose (mmm need to go out and get the floss for the nose) and it will be done. I hope I can get this done early enough in the day so I can work on something else. I'm not sure what though. I"ll have to see what is calling to me.


Shelleen said...

it's cold and windy here as well with a high of 10F.
Was snowing when I got up but it has stopped and the sun is out.

Dawn said...

No snow for us. Just rain but it could turn to ice.

Bastet said...

high gusting winds off and on and last I checked it was 15F here.I'v been trying to convince the heaters that's it cold in here and to stay on a bit longer.

Missy said...

Kitty is coming along so nicely!

Send some snow my is about 85 and breezy here! It was a great day for a bbq at the beach. ;)xs

Mel in Dubai said...

Hi Jenn :) Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi! I just love your St Paddy's Day Kitty - he's gorgeous!!