Friday, February 17, 2006

A great start to a long weekend

Paul and I left work early yesterday we went to Mohegan Sun to see INXS in concert. We've had this planned since (I think) November. We decided since the show was on a Thursday we would see if we could get a hotel room at the casino and stay the night up there.

We got there around 1:30 and checked in and brought our stuff up to the room after a trying to figure out how to use the elevator for about 5 minutes. LOL You need to put your room key in to a slot before it will let you hit the button to go up. No one at the front desk told us this. :}

We had fun checking out all the little nooks and crannies of the room. We were on the 20th floor and over looked the main road into the casino. We proceeded to unpack everything we brought with us which was quite funny cause normally we just leave our stuff in the bags when we got to a hotel since we will only be there for a night. We even used the safe in the room. Just so we could say we used it.

After we unpacked we went down and did a little gambling for a while then we went and had dinner at one of the buffets there that a co-worker of Paul's had recommended. After that we went back to our room for a while then down to the show.

The show was great and the new lead singer for INXS fits in perfectly with the band.
There was a small problem with the sound during the show (you had a problem understanding the band when they were talking to everyone between songs but, when they were playing their songs everything was fine) but, it was so miner it didn't really bother us.

After the show the band was going to be signing there CD outside of the arena but, they didn't do it long enough for Paul and I to get our CD signed. I don't think they expected almost 1/2 of the people who went to the show to want to meet the band.

We went back up to the room again for a few minute then back down into the casino and gambled till about 1 am. By that time we were both beat so we went upto the room and watched the Prim Time replay of the Olympics till we fell asleep.

I woke up about 6:30 this morning (cause the TV was still on). I woke up Paul and we went down to one of the restaurants and had breakfast. The food was good but, I didn't care of our waitress. She said she had gone to the show the night before and when we asked her if she has seen the opening band she told us there was no opening band just INXS and they played from 7 - 9. She was kind of rude the way she said it to so we decided to just let it drop (I was saying to myself though the more she kept this attitude up the smaller and smaller her tip was getting).

We did a little more gambling then got our bags and headed home in the rain. The rain which I though was going to be really bad and last all day from what I'd been hearing on the weather reports didn't last long and wasn't bad at all.

We got home and I had a package waiting from Carol. I know my birthday is next week but, I couldn't wait and just had to open it.

Thank you so much Carol!! You spoil me so and are such a good friend. Here is what Carol sent to me.

A pack of #26 needles
A Glory Bee Chart that says Chart $ Linen $ Afternoon stitching with friends Priceless.
Lilac Ice Reflections 28 count from Silkweavers
a piece of Sugar Maple Fabric which goes with the Glory Bee pattern.
and 2 pieces of Hidden Treasure 28 count Evenweave fabrics. One is Fairy Glen and the other is Summer Sky.
and a cute card.

Thanks again Carol and I do love doing SAL's with you too. I just need to learn how to stitch faster to keep up with you :)

I know Carol, and Mary are going to Celebration the first weekend of May. Is anyone else going? This is my first year taking classes. Normally I just go to the Saturday Night Social. This year I'm taking

Snippit Pouch with Susan Greening Davis
Round Robin A

Susan's Sweet Sampler Basket
Saturday Night Social

I'm looking forward to getting to see everyone up there again this year.


Von said...

What a wonderful birthday gift, Jenn!! I know you'll enjoy it lots, and I'll be looking for the projects pics! :D

Bastet said...

Carol was a sweetie. Wonderful birthday gifts. Glad to hear you had a good time at the concert. The high wind has finally stopped here. At times it felt like the wind was trying to knock the building down.(you could actually feel the building shake with the high gusts)

Carol said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful adventure :-) You are most welcome for the gifties - you deserve them! Wouldn't Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace look great on the Fairy Glen fabric? Hmmmm..... love you, have a great bday!

Oh, I see your class list now - drats! I am not in those classes :-( I am sure I will see you up there though!! I ran into Joyce L. in Colonial Needleworks today - she is not signed up for any classes (yet) but wants to visit with us at some point up there :-)

Mary said...

Hi Jenn!
I'm glad to hear you and Paul had a great time at the concert and also at the hotel and casino. What a wonderful birthday present/presents Carol sent you!!!!
I will wait until Wednesday to wish you a Happy Birthday.

AnneS said...

Lucky you getting to see INXS in concert ... I remember the good old days when they were just an unknown local band 'down under' - I love their music!