Sunday, February 19, 2006

Surrounded By Floss

Michaels is having a sale on floss this week (6/$1.00) so I was down there first thing this morning. I picked up the pink I needed to finish off St. Paddy's Day Kitty Moon. I also got floss I needed for Sitting Pretty, Enchanted Mermaid, Fairy, and Winter Queen. I figured these are pieces on my "To Do" list so I might as well get the floss for the ones I've not started yet and get the missing floss for the ones I have since Michaels does not seem to put floss on sale all that often.

Here is my finished St. Paddy's Day Kitty Moon.

I did some work on Sitting Pretty today. I will have a scan of it latter as I think I may still want to work on it a little more tonight.


Bastet said...

Paddy's Day kitty moon came out beautifully Jenn! I usually do the AC Moore sale to stock up on the floss. I know I have Winter Queen all kitted up, and I may have enchanted mermaid not sure. Haven't dared open the deacon's bench in awhile. Can't wait to see an update of Sitting pretty.

karensff said...

Congrats on your finish. He is very sweet.

Carol said...

Cute finish :-) Congratulations!!

Mary said...

Oh I love St. Paddy's Day Kitty Moon. You did a wonderful job on it. Good luck with your next projects. You have really been getting alot of stitching done lately. I will have to find out what your trick
Congrats on another great finish!

Juul :o) said...

What a cute cat he is!
Super cute!

I wish I found a 6/$1.00 sale, I realy can't understand why a skein of DMC in my country costs 1.25 euro's...