Monday, January 23, 2006

Soooooo Close

I'm getting so close to finishing Christmas Elf Fairy. I wish I could stay home today and work on her. I would have gotten a little more done on her yesterday but I was out for most of the day and I brought her with me to work on and I forgot one of the colors again. *rolling eyes* I hope that I can have her wings done tonight and there is a little bit on her dress that needs to be done too.

After that it's on to the beads. Someone had recommended to me a while ago using Nylon Monofilament I guess I'll call it thread. To attach beads since it's clear. I did get a roll of it over the Summer so I think I might try that first when I do the beads.

We were suppose to get a snow storm today but, all we have here so far today is rain. The upper parts of the state are getting snow. I think that my work (about 2 towns away) will have snow as they usually have it even when we done. Just glad I don't have to drive in it today. Although I did wish for a lot to fall over night so I could have stayed home and worked on finished my Elf. :)

**Woops! I got up after I finished posting in my blog and looked out the window. It is now light enough for me to see outside and what do I see but, Snow!!! So much for what the weatherman said. At least it's not doing anything right now.


Lili said...

She's very beautiful, Jenn; and you're indeed close to the end! Looking forward to the happy dance!

Kali said...

You fairy is looking great! Isn't it rotten that we have to go to work when we're on a roll with more important things like stitching? :) Ahh but I must fund my habit hee hee

Carol said...

Lucky you - I have 8" of snow in my driveway and it is not done yet!

Kathy said...

Wow Jenn she is looking great, looking forward to seeing yours finished.

Hugs xxxxxx

Juul said...

She's so beautiful!
The little tree realy sparkles!
I wonder if the beads stay in there place with the thin nylon thread, please tell us your adventures about using this.
Bye, Juul :o)

karensff said...

She is looking lovely! Really won't be long until you finish.

Bastet said...

She's looking wonderful! Here's hoping you have a HD very soon. Keep up the good work.