Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cold Sunday

The temp here has finally dropped to where they should be. It's almost 10am and it's only 31 degrees. Burrrrrrr.....

Here is my updated scan of Christmas Elf Fairy. I worked on her Friday at lunch and on and off yesterday.

I felt the other day that I was so close to getting her done. Now I don't feel that way. I feel like there is so much left to do. I'll just keep plugging away on her and hopefully I'll have her done this week. The beading is now scaring me. I just have to dive into it once I get the stitching done and do it.

Annemarie I normally don't stitch Christmas pieces after Christmas, now I do find a difference between Christmas and Winter pieces and Winter pieces I will do all Winter time. I don't think of this as a Christmas piece and that is probably cause I've not done the tree yet. :) I want to finish this one for three reasons one is if they put out another one I want to have this one done so I can get the next one. I made a mistake when I started stitching her so I put her done for a few weeks cause I was so disgusted with myself. If I hadn't put her down I would have had her finished by now. The last reason is cause this kit was so expensive I just feel like with the money I spent on it I should get it done.

Kim I don't mind all the back stitching on Bun Warmer. I don't care for it in the fact that I have to count as I do it where when I do regular stitches I will do one half of a stitch for a section till I get the color done then I will go back and do the other half of the stitch. This way I don't need to count when I do the second half of the stitch and it goes quicker. But I like doing it since it's all there really is to the pattern I feel like the pattern is almost done almost from the start.


Juul said...

Hi Jenn,
Please stitch Christmas Elf Fairy, don't stop till she is (completely)finished!

Fourth reason: your fanclub!(LOL)
Fift reason: you'll have her ready by next Christmas!
Sixt reason: she's gorgeous!
Juul :o)

karensff said...

The Christmas Elf Fairy is looking fantastic. She really doesn't have long to go until she has finished.