Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jack's Back

Tonight was the Season Premier of 24. All I can say is WOW! The promise that something big would happen in the first 10 minutes did not disappoint. I'm blown away. I can't wait to see the next two hours tomorrow.

I tried to catch up on some stitching today. I watched the Indy/Pittsburgh game while I stitched on the Christmas Elf Fairy.

I would have worked on her more but, the color I need for her boots was not in the bag with the rest of the floss so I need to find it. I also wanted to try and work on something else for a while that's why I didn't do a different section of her after I worked on her wings.

After I worked on the Elf for a while I picked up my Fairy again. I was going to work on Celtic Summer - And that you everyone who got back to me about my questions on using the gold floss - but, the Fairy was calling to me so I picked her up today. Hopefully I can work on Celtic Summer for a little while tomorrow before the next episode of 24. It's just one of those shows I can't stitch during. I need to watch it to see what is going on.

From Anne's blog:

A is for Age: 35
B is for Booze: I don't drink.
C is for Career: Administrative Assistant
D is for DadÂ’s Name: John "Jack"
E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: Food, Drink.
F is for Favourite Songs at the Moment: Pretty Vegas by INXS
G is for Goof-off Thing to Do: Chat on line
H is for Hometown: Madison Connecticut.
I is for Instrument You Play: Use to play the clarinett in school
J is for Jam or Jelly you Like: Grape
K is for Kids: Not yet.
L is for Living Arrangement: 1 floor Condo.
M is for Mom's Name: Marie
N is for Names of Good Friends: Mary & Carol
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: Jaw Surgery
P is for Phobias: snakes
Q is for Quotes you Like: "We're going to have a Locke Problem' From Lost
R is for Relationship That Lasted Longest: Paul - my Husband
S is for Siblings: None
T is for Texas: It's also for Tuesday.
U is for Unique Trait: My humore
V is for Vegetables You Love: beans and carrots
W is for Worst Traits: Lack of self esteem
X is for X-rays You've Had: Jaw, knee, shoulder
Y is for Yummy Food You Make: Chickcutletsets
Z is for Zodiac Sign Pisces


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karensff said...

Christmas elf is looking gorgeous. I love the way the wings are turning out. I couldn't get into 24. I tried and borrowed the first season on DVD from my dad but I just didn't enjoy it. I gave up after three or four episodes.

Chiara said...

Your Christmas elf is turning out really well!!!

Bastet said...

Christmas Elf is coming along nicely Jenn. And you've made wonderful progress on Fairy. Keep up the good work!

Kathy said...

I really enjoyed the last 2 seasons of 24, we have to wait until February for it start here in the UK I can't wait. Christmas Elf is looking great as is your fairy.

Juul said...

Hi Jenn,
I was very happy to see your progress on both the fairies, I love them both.
What a dissapointment though that the thread for her boots was not in the bag!
I checked mine, luckely it was O.K., however I am stil dissapointed about the small size of the fabric, could you please give me the measurements of your piece of fabric?
I'm just curious if I had a monday morning kit/piece of fabric, or that this size is normal in the U.S., if there are any other owners of this kit who would/could do the same, I would highly appreciate this.
If there's anyone who knows about a new fairie in this serie, let us know! ;o)
TIA, Juul :o)