Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Christmas Elf Fairy

I found my missing floss for the Christmas Elf Fairy. Juul I did receive it in the kit but, I'd just misplaced it in my stash bag. I had moved my current projects off the couch a few weeks ago as we had company coming. When I moved everything back the floss got left in my hiding spot. I remembered this morning that I'd moved everything so I went and looked in my hiding spot and found the floss. This means I can now do her boots tonight.

Juul I will measure the fabric tonight when I get home. I think it's big enough to be able to do the piece and frame it. I've not heard anything about the other pieces that are suppose to be coming out. I had kind of assumed that we would get one a year but, maybe someone else has heard something else about it.

I did work a little last night on Celtic Summer. Thanks for the info on the gold floss Carol. I found it so easy to work with. I've still not gotten much done on the piece since my last scan so I will probably work on it at least one more day before i put up a scan.

I've been working on Bun Warmer at work. I will bring it home this weekend so I can post an updated picture of it. It's a pretty quick piece to work on (once you do work on it. LOL) so if I get enough done on it this week I may work on it at home this weekend so I can finish it off.

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Juul said...

Hi Jenn,
TIA, I copied this from the webside of Hoffman:

"Mirabilia DesignsTM and Hoffman Distributing Company, Inc. plan on releasing more limited edition kits in this series later this year and in 2006. Look for more announcements soon."

The "later this year" was 2005...
They planned a serie of 6 designs!
I'm sooooo impatient, LOL!

I would love to see your IRL Bunwarmer photo, if you could find it.:o)
Calico crossroads has such funn designs, I love them!