Thursday, January 19, 2006

She has legs / beads

I worked on my Christmas Elf Fairy last night and she now has legs. I'm getting close to finishing her so I'm starting to think that I will put down everything else I'm working on and just work on her till she is finished.

I checked the size of the fabric for Juul and it's 14" X 11.5". I think it's more than enough to stitch the pattern on.

I'm thinking about what to do when I get to putting the beads on this piece. This will be my first 'good' project that I've used beads on. This is other than using beads on pieces I've done in the past where I used then instead of doing French Knots. When I've attached beads in the past I've either used floss that matches the color of the beads, the backing fabric or the floss under where I'm putting the bead. I wanted to see what everyone else does. Just to get an idea. :)

I'll post more later tonight when I get home.


Kim said...

She's looking great! Great job, now she can get in her daily walks. ;) Can't wait to see her big finish. :D

Mary said...

Wow Jen!
She is really coming along!
Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see it finished.
Mary :-)

Juul said...

Hi Jenn,
She is looking better and better, she really needed her legs!
I'm glad you had the thread afterall.
Your fabric has the same measurement as mine.
The problem I have with this is not that I don't have enough space to stitch her on, it's the finishing, I'm worried about.
On the packadge they are showing her in a frame with 2 mats, IMHO this is not possible with this tiny piece of fabric, without sowing on additional fabric or using tape or glue, and again IMHO thats not done!
And because of the whisper and the beads she needs mats.
Can you give me any advise?

I hope I didn't spoil the joy of stitching her for you...
Juul :o)

Juul said...

I just want to add something:
When I frame her she also will need "some air" around her to flap her wings.

karensff said...

She looks fantastic. I really loves those boots, very cute. I'm dying to stitch them on mine but have decided she needs a face first. I always use thread to match the bead. Hope that helps. Can't wait to see her finished.