Thursday, September 8, 2005

The weekend is almost here

I did a little stitching last night on Celtic Summer but, not enough for me to scan. Hopefully I will get a bit done on something tonight while I flip between the Patriots game and the Red Sox game. Hopefully they won't overlap to much and I can see most of both games.

San added a Bravenet Map to her bog the other day (or maybe it was always there and I just never found it till she posted about it). Wow a lot of people added them selves to her map. Maybe one day my map will have even 1/2 that amount of people. :)


Angelsan said...

I just added it...
But I think people dont think about clicking in the sidebars... and if they read blogs in bloglines like I do, they don't even see the sidebars !!!

I think we need to ask people to add themselves from time to time... See, now that you told me you have a guestmap, I added myself to it !!!!

Carol said...

Hi Jenn, It is my night to start Celtic Winter - Woo Hoo!!!! I will be doing the same thing you will be doing - flipping between the Pats and the Sox :-) I will set the DVR for one of them, but what's the point? I like to catch it in "real time" :-) How do you add a Bravenet map to your blog? I tried that back when I started my blog, and they told me I had to be a Bravenet user... but I sure would love to add one :-)

karensff said...

Hi Jenn,

Don't worry your gusemap will get there. Your mermaid is looking lovely as is Celtic Summer.