Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Well the cold I had last week is still hanging on. :( I hope I can kick the last of it soon as it has me not wanting to do much of anything.

I've joined the Celtic Ladies SAL with some other ladies who blog. Most of them are doing Celtic Winter but, I've decided to do Celtic Summer. I'm stitching her on a 28 count Lavender Lugana. I just love the way the colors look on her.

CS Posted by Picasa

Over the weekend. I did a little work on Emerald Mermaid. I love the way she's turning out.

EM Posted by Picasa

I'm doing her on the fabric that the piece calls for. 32 count Stoney Point Linen by Wichelt Imports. I'm not very crazy about this fabric though. There is not much to it so I'm having a hard time keeping in tight in the hoop or the Q-Snap. So be fair warned anyone who is planning on doing this piece. I do have to say though that she does look VERY nice on this fabric.

I'm getting kind of worried about some of the pieces that I'm doing. They all have beads on them and I've never really done beads on pieces like this before. So I'm a little worried. I think I may need to inlist Carol into a Stitching get together to help me get all the beads attached with the time is right. :)


Carol said...

I will help you with your beading - even if by phone :-) It is not as hard as it looks hon!! I love your start to Celtic Summer (all of the Celtics are represented in the SAL, actually, except, I think, for Celtic Spring) - Emmy looks great too!!!!!!! Congrats! Nice to see you stitching on these! I missed working on Mermaid Heaven on Saturday :-( I don't plan to just work on Miracle Butterfly this week, though. I know I have time to complete her by Oct 1, so no rush :-)

Bea said...

Jenn!!! Here I'm!! I'm a celtic summer lady too... unfortunately I've not received yet my pattern and I have to wait for it to choose the fabric. Your fabric seems to be really good!!!

Bastet said...

Nice start on Celtic Summer, emerald mermaid is looking good too. Don't worry about the beads, haven't really done this many beads before,so your not alone on that one. Hope you feel all better real soon.

Carol said...

Jenn, There is a set of gorgeous freebie topiaries on Passione Ricamo's site - you can be sure she will pull them down quickly - I put the link in my blog entry tonight in case you are interested in them - I've been waiting months for the autumn and winter ones, so I am thrilled. I know you like PR :-)