Sunday, July 3, 2005

Mermaid Heaven Posted by Picasa

My Mermaid Heaven progress so far. I'm stitching this piece on 28 count Silver Mist Lugana.

Shamrock Heart Posted by Picasa

Here is my finish for the day. This is another piece that feels so good to have done since it's been sitting in my stash for so long. Sometimes I just get ahead of myself in what I want to stitch. I got this pattern a few years ago and never stitched it because I didn't know what type of fabric or floss to use for it and even if I had I wouldn't have knows all the stitches...I mean I still don't know all the stitches but, I'm better prepared now to learn them all.

We didn't do much today. It was one of those we have something planed for Saturday and something planed for Monday why don't we take it easy on Sunday days.

I spent the afternoon stitching while watching the Sox totally blow another game again. I don't know what they are doing some times.

I've now picked up another WIP/UFO to finish. It's a Wizard Teddy Bear that was in the UK Cross Stitcher a few years ago. As a matter of fact it was this pattern that got me into buying the magazine. The Bear is suppose to be Harry Potter because well for one he's a Wizard and the other he has a white owl with him that is suppose to be Headwig. I'm hoping to get a good chunk of this one done before the book comes out on the 16/17th of this month.

This is what the piece will look like when it's finished.

Harry Potter Bear Posted by Picasa


Carol said...

Looking great :-) I can't wait to see more progress pics as you move along :-)

AngelSan said...

this reminds me that I have the Teddy wizard as a wip since last Halloween !!! I might start stitching on it soon....

Ah, and you remind me how I'm excited about book 6 of HP too !!!! can't wait !!!

Anonymous said...

You got a lot of finishes done lately..well done and have fun stitching mermaid's heaven. Ann.

karensff said...


I realise I haven't introduced myself to any of the others before leaving comments. My name is Karen and I was invited to join in the Celtic Winter SAL that you are all going to be doing.

Congrats on your finish. It looks really good. I love Teddy Wizard. I have the chart there and always meant to make a start on it. I even half a couple of Teddy kits which are very similar to this design that I haven't got round to stitching it. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.


Jersey Mom said...

Looks great Jenn! I was thinking of you Sat, I had my XM on while going to PA and I knew you were watching it. Did you catch Green Day? Who did you like tbe best? Your heart is GORGEOUS!