Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Celebration Bag

I got my Celebration Bag for Silkweavers today. These are the colors that I received.

Jubilation Posted by Picasa

Elegance Posted by Picasa

Rock-a-bye Posted by Picasa

I'll have to see if I can get a better scan of Rock-a-Bye later tonight.

I've finally calmed down enough from watching Live 8 on Saturday to post about it. I'd like to say that I was all hyper and excited on Saturday and that's why I haven't posted till now but, I was actually totally ticked off. MTV and VH1 did the worst job they could have of covering the event. I didn't want to spend 8 hours listening to the VJ's talk. I wanted to hear the bands. But, all we got was go listen to the VJ's. I had to get on line and wait for the AOL feed to loop around to hear U2's set. I've still not seen a number of bands that I would have liked to. I got to hear 1 song by Green Day and they totally rocked. It's only a miracle that they showed almost (and remember I said almost) all of Pink Floyd with out breaking into the coverage. Grrrrrrrrrr It surely won't be a day that is remembered like Live Aid was here in the US in 20 years and the sad this is that it could have been.


Carol said...

Oh, how funny is that! We received the same bags from Silkweaver!!!! That is so weird! Unless those are the only three colors they are introducing right now.... :-)

Carol said...

Wouldn't Mermaid Heaven have been gorgeous on the Rock-A-Bye Reflections lugana....? Ooo!

Jersey Mom said...

Sorry to hear about the MTV/VH1 screw up of Live 8. I had no idea! I listened to most of it on Xm, they had a channel dedicated to each location and the great thing was it was in their own language, so it was neat listening to Green Day in Berlin and the announcers on stage all talking in German, made it real genuine!