Saturday, July 9, 2005

Live 8 - Again!

For all of you in the US who (like I) feel totally cheated by the coverage of Live 8 last weekened I found this on this morning.

I'm trying to find what MTV will play (I hope it's Berlin and Green Day) but, so far I can't find a set list.

More later. I have to got find the Harry Potter Bear and scan last nights work.

Harry Potter Posted by Picasa

Here is my update for today on the Harry Potter Bear. I just love the way he's coming along. I need to get DMC677 today. I went to the Michaels yesterday and they were out of it. So there is another Michaels I'm going to try today. Once I have it I can fill in the rest of his face. I'm so sorry now that this piece sat so long as a WIP/UFO cause now that I'm working on him I just love the way he's turning out.

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karensff said...

Harry Potter Bear is looking really good.