Friday, July 8, 2005

Harry Potter Bear Again

To all my UK friends my thoughs and prayers are with you and your families at this time. Like Carol said in her Blog please feel free to post here to let us all know that you are alright.

Harry Potter Posted by Picasa

Since the new Harry Potter book comes out next Saturday I thought I would stick with stitching on the bear a few more days so I might be able to get it done by next weekend. Paul's mother and step-father will be here as of tomorrow until next Wednesday so I do hope I'll find time to stitch. At least one of the days they are here I'll be picking up Mermaid Heaven so I can keep up with Carol and her smoking needles!


Carol said...

Harry Potter bear is just the cutest thing! I also hope to fit in Mermaid Heaven this weekend... I figure on doing the Celtic Band Sampler SAL tonight and then Mermaid Heaven on Saturday.... then, of course, Miracle Butterfly owns Sunday since she is also getting pretty close to done.... I got in three hours on Earth Angel last night while watching that ridiculous rain shortened Red Sox game... grrrr.... I guess the Orioles will take a win any way they can get it! And what was up with that Red Sox lineup last night? I tell you, Varitek and Manny better back in the lineup tonight or I will be protesting :-) LOL!!!!!!!!!!

tkdchick said...

Oh that bear is sweet! Who is the designer?