Monday, July 11, 2005

Home Run Derby

I spend the night stitching on my Harry Potter Bear and watching the home run derby. Here is what I got done tonight.

Harry Potter Posted by Picasa

Bobby Abreu was amazing hitting 24 home runs in the first round. David Ortiz got 17 both of them broke the previous record of 15 home runs in a round. Most years I don't watch the All Star Game but, I never miss the Home Run Derby. I can't believe that I didn't know about it till 5 or 6 years ago. :}

I worked on Mermaid Heaven for a while yesterday but, I didn't get a lot done on it. I'll try and post a picture of what I did get done tomorrow.


Carol said...

Hi Jenn, I love the All Star Game - are you going to watch it tonight? The Home Run Derby is always so fun too! Can't wait to see your Mermaid Heaven pic :-) I think it works up soooo fast!

Blackcat said...

He's stitching up very well! The face is beautiful and you've got to be happy about the designs in the cap starting to poke through.

karensff said...

wow, he's really taking shape. I love his little face.

Mary said...

Wow Jenn!
He's really coming along!