Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is it Friday Yet???

Harry Potter Posted by Picasa

Heres is another updated photo of my Harry Potter Bear. I'm sure you are all really tired of looking at him and just wishing that I'd work on something else. I'm just having so much fun working on this little guy that I can't seem to put him down.

So much for Curt Schilling being the Sox ace closer. He goes and gives up a 2 run home run in his frist inning as a closer. I think I'm gonig to give up base ball for a while. :) I just hope we can come back to tie/win the game.


Butterfly Amy said...

I'm not sick of the Harry Potter Bear! I think he's adorable and can't wait to see more updates :)

I've added a finish to my blog tonight! I got my Tulips finished last Sunday and hadn't had a chance to post till now.

Happy Stitching!

karensff said...

I don't think anyone could ever get bored of that little face. I've enjoyed watching your progress and I know I will have to stitch him at some point.

Zohrah said...

I enjoy watching your updates on Harry Potter bear. It is really nice.

Carol said...

Your bear is so cute! You are really making wonderful progress on him! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn, let's keep the faith - please don't give up on the Sox, they will pull through!!!! :-) David Wells is on tonight - he will take care of business, you know he wants to beat the Yankees at Fenway - and I think he will :-)