Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Harry Potter Day!!

Ok well Harry Potter day is actually tomorrow but, since I'm getting the book at midnight tonight I'll be thinking about it all day today so maybe I should say that Harry Potter day is a 2 day event!

Celtic Summer Posted by Picasa

I wanted to order the needlepaints I need for Celtic Summer but, I can't find my pattern so I don't know what I need. Normally I wouldn't let this get to me but, I just reorganized my stash a week or so ago and I put all my Milabilla and L&L patterns together and this one isn't there. I wish I didn't have to go to work so I could look for it now cuase I know it will be bothering me all day today. :( I think what I'm most afraid of is that I think I have it and I really don't

Thanks for all your words of support on my Harry Potter Bear. I'm thinking of taking him to the bookstore with me tonight so I can work on him for a while while I wait for the book.


Carol said...

Jenn, I just kitted Celtic Summer up - I am going to use Silkweaver Green Apple Reflections lugana for mine.... you can go to and get the list of threads and beads right there if you want to get your shopping done while you still look for your chart. Man, I can empathize with your frustration! That happens to me sometimes too - too often, really! Ugh. Have you seen the blue/pink conversion for Celtic Summer? I can email it to you if you would like - just let me know :-) Have a great weekend! Do you plan to work on Mermaid Heaven? I thought I might tomorrow, but if you would prefer I do something else for now, just holler - I won't mind! LOL! Love ya!

karensff said...

I got my copy of Harry Potter and have read the first chapter. I have to admit that I couldn't believe that I was finally reading it.

I hope you find your chart.