Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Oh what a long day yesterday was. I got up went to work and then after work I went down to Barnes and Noble to get my wrist band so I could get my copy of Harry Potter at Midnight. I thought well I'm early it's only 5:15 so I'll go to the discount grocery store across the street that took me about 20 minutes then I drove across the street and saw the line of people waiting to get writs bands. I'd not looked at B&N when I was at the light to turn into the grocery store. So I got in line after running inside to use the ladies room then out into the 90 degree heat to wait the 25 minutes till the it was 6pm.

I had fun waiting in the line and watching all the people come dresses up. However....there were 2 girls behind me probably about 18-21 and all they did was complain the whole time we were in line. They didn't want to be there, they were making fun of what people were wearing (just normal cloths) and how stupid it was to dress up. There were 2 teens that showed up in SPEW shirts they had made them selves and they look great. These 2 girls didn't even know what SPEW was. I wanted to turn around and ask them why there were there as they didn't seem to know anything about Harry Potter.

So I got my writsband then went home to change into shorts...long pants are good when you are inside with air conditioning all day but, not when you are outside. Paul got home a few minutes after me and we headed back down to the bookstore.

We went next door to subway and had dinner then went into the bookstore. They were having raffles and costume contests for all the kids. They had given us when we got to the store a pair of HP glasses and a but, of word games to do (cross word puzzle, word scramble and a word search) they also gave us a sheet with trivia questions that you could answer and there would be a drawing at some point over the next few days and if you got all your questions right and your sheet got pulled you'd win a prize. We spend most of the night doing the trivia questions. We got most ourselves but, we did as a kid who was in the cafe with his mom and little brother for an answer or two.

We at one point were down to needing one more answer and I was looking though the book that had the answer (the prisoner of Askaban)and not having any luck when a guy in his 20's came up and was looking for an answer. I said to him. 'I'll trade you answers.' I told him I'd give him all the answers he needed if he'd give me the answer to the one question I needed and he said sure. I told him the question I couldn't answer and he started laughing as he only need 3 more answers and this was one of them too! I gave him the answers to the other 2 he needed then I happened to finally, after looking though the book for 20 minutes, find the answer I needed.

We had to all line up outside at around 11:30 then they let us into the store where we waited in line the last 15 minutes. It only took about 15 minutes for us to get checked out and get out of the shop. While we were outside I got to see a ton of other people dresses up in costumes. I saw 2 girls dressed up like the Wierd Sisters (with Pink hair and all), there were a few girls dresses up like members of the Gryffindor Quiddich team and there was a girl who was dressed up like a house elf. He'd taken a big cream colored piece of fabric and she'd put it on like a potato sack except that there were knots on each of the shoulders holding it together. I just wish I had the nerve to dress up. I wouldn't even put the glasses on. I guess this is what happens for being teased as a kid you get afraid to do anything even if everyone else is doing it cause your afraid out of everyone you will be the one picked on/made fun of for doing it.

While we were in line a guy came around passing out stickers so I grabbed a few. Then when we got to the check out they had a green bracelet that said July 16, 2005 on it and I think there is an owl on it. I also got another sheet of stickers. They tried to get me to give them my wrist band and they were going to give me a poster but, I didn't really care for the poster and I really don't need more stuff cluttering up the condo so I said not thank you to the poster. Plus I would have rather had the wrist band to put in my scrap book and I told them this too. :)

When we got home I read the first two chapters before I went to bed and I've been reading on and off for most of the day.

Here is everything I got last night along with the book. Pauls little stuffed friend (Mufkin) is modeling the glasses. I keep thinking she is what the Pygmy Puff's look like. :)

Harry Potter Things Posted by Picasa

I was able to get some stitching done while we were at the bookstore. Not much just the stars and The bear's face and outline of his hat have been done.

Harry Potter Posted by Picasa

I didn't stitch today as I was to busy reading the book and we went out to Best Buy for a while were I picked up two DVD sets. The first season of South Park and the second season of Quantum Leap. I did however pull all my stash out of it's hiding places around the condo and I put it all in the middle of the family room. I went though it all and by doing this I was able to find the missing Celtic Summer pattern I want to do. YEAH! So now the Needlepaints have been ordered for her. I'm looking forwrd to starting her.

Well the Sox pounded the Yankees 17 to 1 last night. I got to hear bits and pieces of the game and I watch the replay when I got home on YES. I don't know why NESEN wasn't showing the recap. We were however up to our old tricks again today loosing a game we should have won. Dopes! *rolling eyes*


Carol said...

I don't know what SPEW means either.... I guess I missed the whole boat on the Harry Potter thing... is it because I will be 42 this month? I just miss the whole hype - but it is fun watching others get into it :-) I skipped Mermaid Heaven for you this week - I didn't hear back from you about it, so I figured I would just wait another week in case you wanted to do some catching up... I did, however, get a bit done on Earth Angel... Great to hear Gabe Kapler is coming back to the Sox :-) Mike has a guest this weekend who is a Yankees fan - I can't wait for him to go home tomorrow :-)

karensff said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun on Harry Potter night.

Mary said...

Carol.... Spew is the Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare. It was created by Hermione I think I have listened to the books on tape too much.

Jenn, You should have text messaged me. Chances are I probably knew the answer to the trivia questions. I'm glad you had a great time. My book came while I was at work on Saturday. They had a Harry Potter Day at my library. I'm not sure how it turned out as I didn't have such a good day at work so I wasn't in the right mood to see how it went. Next book I I'm up to page 50 so far. I will continue reading it today as it's just too hot and I'm doing laundry so I've got waiting time between each load... Good timing eh?!!!
Mary :-)

tkdchick said...

Your bear is coming along in leaps and bounds he's so cute!!!