Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Don't Make Me... Posted by Hello

I finished Flying Monkeys tonight. It feels good to have finally done and finished it. I'm going to start A Shamrock Heart tonight so I can have something to work on at lunch at work on day's I don't want to go and walk at lunch time.

Carol posted on her blog that Silkweavers is doing Celebration Bags right now. How could I resist a large bag when I have the chance of getting 2 large pieces of Lugana???

Paul's Birthday is this Saturday. I think I'm all set. I ordered a small cake for us today and I'm leaving work early on Friday so I can pick it up. The fireworks in Hamden are Friday night so we will BBQ some chicken and have the cake. We were going to do something on Saturday but, my loving husband has willingly given up going out and doing something on his Birthday so we could stay home and watch the Live 8 concert. It actually wasn't that hard to convince him once he heard that Pink Floyd was reforming for the show. LOL I did promise him that I would treat him to Applebees take out for dinner on Saturday.


Carol said...

Adorable finish :-) I know you have been wanting to do that one for a while!! Oops, sorry for enabling you with the pricey Silkweaver fabric... but their fabrics are just so worth it, aren't they? Go Red Sox! It's about time they won again!!

Carol said...

Are you ready Jenn - we get to start Mermaid Heaven this weekend - woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

karensff said...

I love this design every time I come accross it. Yours is beautifully stitched.