Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bingo Prize

Floss Posted by Hello

What I ordered from winning the game of Bingo on NEXS that Carol hosted arrived today.
I got Britty Kitties 2 from Brittercup Designs (and yes I have number 1), Caron Collection Watercolors - Naturla, Emerald, and Almond. GAST threads - Burnt Orange, Hyacinth and Sarsaparilla. Now I can finish Flying Monkeys and start two Seks & Co charts that I have. A Cat Lover's Heart and A Shamrock Heart.

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Carol said...

Yay! I was thinking about asking you if your winnings arrived yet :-)

Peter said...

Did anyone read that story about the woman from Glasgow who won over a million quid playing bingo? Some people just get all the luck ey.

I wonder if anyone has won that much playing online bingo yet. The most I've won was about £50 and I thought that was a lot!