Sunday, June 26, 2005

Boxing Kangaroo

Boxing Kangaroo Posted by Hello

Here is the finished boxing kangaroo for Paul. Now I just need to find a small frame for it befor his birthday this Saturday.

Not much has been going on. It's been so hot that I don't feel like doing much of anything. I'm not complaining thought. I really don't mind it when it get's very hot or very cold.

Paul and I went out yesterday and treated ourselves to a DVD/VCR recorder. We have a lot of things on tape that I really don't want to loose so we decided that it would be a good idea to get a DVD recorder and transfer the tapes to DVD. Paul went into work for a few hours today and I did my first DVD while he was gone.

I went though my fabric the other day to weed out the pieces that I don't think I'll ever use. I thought I'd post them here in case anyone is interested.

Zweigart 18 count damask Aida Dawn Grey 9x13 (?)
28 count Silkweavers Reflections Precious Metals 9x13
18 count Aida Slikweavers Goldn Promise 14 x 18
Zweigart 18 count Aida Dark Blue 9x13 (?)
Linen-Silk 18 count Natural 9x13(?)
Zweigart 25 count Lavendar Bliss 14 x 18 (?)
18 count Aida 17x28 Silkweavers Solo
32 count Silkweavers Reflections Platinum Pizazz 18x26
14 count Aida Slikweavers Expressions Everglade 18x28

The ? after some of them means I'm not sure of the exact size but, if you are interested in one just e-mail me and I can check the size for you. Carol claimed one of the fabircs right after I put them up for trade. I can't wait to see what she uses it for.


Carol said...

Your kangaroo is so cute! Great job!!!

Butterfly Amy said...

Congrats on the finish Jenn! He's so cute :)