Thursday, June 23, 2005

Is it Friday yet??

What a long week! I've been doing a little stitching at night and at lunch time at work. I've done some work on Earth Angel at night but, nothing worthy of a new scan. At lunch time at work I've been working on a pattern of a cartoon boxing Kangaroo.
I've had this pattern in my stash for a while and I thought I'd do it for Paul for his birthday next weekend.

My friend Dani was able to get me a stuffed boxing kangaroo when the Olympics were in Sydney in 2000. So the kangaroo comes out for sporting events and stuff like that. The cross stitch pattern is small enough that I've been able to sit on the couch tonight and stitch it with Paul in the room and he doesn't know what I'm working on. Or if he dose he's not telling me.

I was going to rent a movie tonight since the Sox have the night off but, I didn't make it to the video store on the way home. I had other things on my mind as I was driving home and then the next thing I knew I had turned onto my street and I didn't feel like turning around to go to the store. Maybe I'll get something this weekend.

Which Dysfunctional Faerie are You?
You scored as A Too Sweet Faerie. So sweet your totally sugared up! Has there ever been anyone so nice. Quick to forgive and quick to forget, everybody wants to know you! You've just got to make sure nobody takes advantage and tries to use you, don't be afraid to say no sometimes!

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Carol said...

Jenn, you didn't watch the NBA finals last night? Wow, the last two games were amazingly close! There was no way to tell who would win until at least the final minute! I realized at the end that I didn't take a breath for two whole minutes! I had no favorite between the two teams, but it was fun to watch :-) Sox tonight - yay! .5 games back - we watched the Orioles game for a bit last night too - Blue Jays crushed them!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your kangaroo project :-)

Mary said...

Here's a laugh Jenn. I got
You scored as A Too Depressed Faerie.
There's no doubt about it your not a very cheerful faerie exactly. Maybe your feeling absence or are just depressed with life or world events currently. You may be upset but that doesn't necessarily mean your unhappy, there are some faeries who enjoy sadness. But if your not one of them, look up and smile, if its so bad, it can only get better.

I can't wait to see the boxing Kangaroo. I sorted floss tonight for some Christmas ornaments for the St. Jude's Project. I can't wait to see your next Earth Angel update.

I saw the Red Sox on tonight. They were playing the Phillies... was that a repeat?
Have a great weekend Jenn!!!

Little Grey Cat said...

Hi Jenn

Thought I'd pop by and say hello. I love your Earth Angel - she is so pretty! I hear from Carol that you're going to do the Celtic Winter SAL. I'm looking forward to stitching with you all.