Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Celebration of Needlework

Oh how I hate to be home! I had such a good time this past weekend atCelebration of Needlework in NH that I wish we could stay there all year long. :) I'm missing everyone and am already planning my trip for next year.

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I arrived on Thursday around noon time. Just a few minutes before Mary who would be my roommate (again) this year.
We checked into the room then went out to find lunch. After we ate we went and did a little shopping in Target. Actually it was Mary who did most of the shopping but, I had a lot of fun looking around at everything in the store. After that we headed back to the hotel and Mary headed off to class. While she was in class I went and did a little shopping in the shopping mall (I’m calling it that for lack of a better term) then it was up to the stitchers lounge. I was there till Mary got out of class then we headed down to the meet and great. They had moved the start time up so at first there weren't a lot of people there but, little by little everyone started to arrive. After a while Mary headed off to her next class and I stayed at the meet and great for a while then headed up to the stitchers lounge.

On Friday while Mary had a class in the morning I looked around the shops and did some stitching. I did most of my shopping on Friday afternoon. I got a lot of floss and a few new patterns. Including the new Stitchy Kitty pattern. I was a little disappointed in the shops because they didn't have as many of the new patterns that have come out lately as I though they would. I was waiting till I got to Celebration to get the new Enchanted Mermaid chart but, when I got up there no one had it. But, Carol did tell me on Saturday that Stitching Bits & Bobs is having a sale so I ordered the pattern from them when I got home. I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

Friday before the Round Robin class we had dinner with a number of ladies from the Group. Mary, Me, Jane and her friend Carole,Janey, Joyce, Heather, Michelle, Christina & Julie Mae. As well as 2 friends of Janeys Danielle & Susan. We had a fun time. I don't think any of us will be able to forget the dinner...ok maybe we will forget it as time goes by but, we won't be able to forget Mary's 3 scoops of Ice Cream dinner! We are now calling her three scoop Mary! LOL!

I'd never done the RR before and I had a lot of fun. The class was taught by 4 different teachers. Julie Norton, Betsy Stinner, Marcia Brown and Catherine Strickler. Julie told us about when she was on HGTV a few years ago for the Hardanger pieces that she does. I enjoyed the time with Cahterine Strickler also. I'm looking forward to taking a class or two by these teachers next year.

Saturday morning I had a late breakfast with Janey, Joyce, Violet, Eileen
Bennett, Susan. I got to meet Carol from our group at lunch and the two of us had a nice time talking and showing off what we have been working on to each other. It was nice to get to compare our Earth Angels. Here is the current scan of mine.

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Carols Miracle Butterfly is beautiful. I wasn’t to impressed with the pictures I’ve seen of the finished piece. But, seeing the piece in person it is just beautiful!

The rest of Saturday was more hanging around and stitching and shopping till the Saturday Night Social. That is always a great night of food (more ice cream for Mary) & fun. Susan Greening Davis hosted the night again. She has also done a piece for the Carol Duval show on HGTV (she had talked about this last year at Celebration) and it’s finally going to be shown in June. I am going to try and finish up the needle book we started with Susan. I’ve already finished on of the Round Robin pieces but, it wasn’t that complicated.

Sunday Mary and I got up and had breakfast then looked around the shops a little more. It wasn’t long before I was headed home. I left earlier than I had planned on it but, there wasn’t much else to do and it was raining and I didn’t really want to have to drive in the rain. It was a good thing that the rain had stopped by the time I was half way home and the rest of the way was clear sailing.


Carol said...

I enjoyed meeting you too - even if only for such a short time! Your Earth Angel is looking fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

The Celebration sounds like fun!! I just found your profile while searching for people that like the Saw Doctors, and I see that you like cross stitching too. Cool!
The Saw Docs are playing in East Durham NY on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend...they put on a great show there!