Friday, May 6, 2005

Down Sunshine Lane

I’d gotten an e-mail from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane before I’d left for Celebration last week about the 2nd Anniversary Sale they were going to be having. I had a peek around the site but since I was going to Celebration I didn’t order anything.

When I got back there was another e-mail from Amy letting us know that they had extended the sale. I didn’t think much of it cause I really don’t need anything right now. Tuesday I got an e-mail from Amy letting me know she’d gotten some Margaret Sherry patterns that I’ve been waiting for in so I asked them to send them to me. I’d missed the part of the e-mail or the info on the DSL website telling everyone that they were going to be doing a drawing for 1 $100.00 Gift Certificate and 4 $25.00 Gift Certificates so I was pretty surprised when I got home from work yesterday and found an e-mail from Amy telling me that I’d won a $25.00 GC. Thanks Amy! YEAH!

I had a look around the website and I have a few ideas about what I’m going to buy (the new Lizzie Kate Flip-its are coming out on Monday so there is an idea) but I’m not going to rush to use it.

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Carol said...

Congratulations!!! How very, very cool!!!!