Sunday, April 24, 2005

Silkweavers Sale

Silkweavers had an 8 hour sale last night. 25% off all their fabrics. I have been trying to be good and not buy anything saving my money for when I go to Celebration of needlework this coming week but 25% off is just to good to pass up! I got 2 pieces of fabric. 28 count (Lugana) Sudden Storm
that I'm going to stitch the Enchanted Mermaid by Mirabilla and 28 count (Lugana) Silver Mist for Mermaid Heaven. I've loved this piece for a long time and finally treated myself to it. Carol ordered fabric from Silkweavers too and one of the pieces she ordered fabric for was Mermaid Heaven. We both seem to have the same tastes in patterns. :) We are thinking of doing Mermaid Heaven as a SAL.

We are already doing Earth Angel together. I do have to admit that Carol is much farther along than I am. I keep bouncing from piece to piece and I don't feel like I'm getting any place with any of them. I've been in kind of a funk the past week or so and I've not really felt like stitching. :( I'm trying to work through it the best that I can. I picked up 2 small Lizzie Kate pieces for 2 different Round Robins I'm in yesterday and I worked on those for a while. One I finished an the other I need 1 more floss color for. Which is kind of funny cause I'd just been in Michael's earlier in the day to get floss. Guess I'll have to stop by there again today.

I had to go out yesterday which normally I wouldn't mind but, it was raining like crazy yesterday. :( I had an appointment to get my hair cut then I wanted to get a few things done so I was out and back home by around noon time so it wasn't that bad. We lost power for a few seconds a while after I got home but, it came back all except for 2 rooms. We called the electric company and they said they would send someone out. About 4 something we lost cable but, it came back up pretty quickly. Then about 20 minutes later we lost all power. I said to Paul that they probably had to take everything off line to get what was down back up and I was right cause 10 min later all out power was back on. Yeah just in time to watch the Sox game.

And they Sox lost! I think the problem is that when the Yankees play before us and we know the finally score - Yankees lost yesterday - we get that we want to win in our heads and that is when we end up loosing! GGGGGRRRRRRR!

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Carol said...

Hi Jenn - I think the Sox miss Bill Mueller :-) I saw Mermaid Heaven done on Tuttie Fruitie somewhere on Silkweaver's site. I don't know if it was on evenweave or linen, which makes a difference in how dark the fabric will be, but I decided to go with the linen :-) I ordered Charizma instead of Karma for Moon Fairy Spirit... but when the invoice comes I will ask them to switch it. They are always so good about that!! Your blog is coming along now - nice! I hope to see you next weekend at Celebrations!