Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I sat down today and finished off the pillow I made the other day. The pattern is a freebie I've had sitting around here for years by Passione Ricamo.

and this is the fabric on the back side.

Well I took out Sunflower Inn the other day thinking I'd start working on it, but it's still sitting here next to the computer untouched. I want to work on it but I just can't seem to find the time....and when I do want to sit and stitch my mind is going to other things in my stash it wants to work on (which also are untouched).

I've gotten into reading The Final Prophecy series by Jessica Andersen and that has dug into some of my stitching time. I've just gotten so into book 2 (4 books in the series so far) that I just want to sit and read and find out what happens. Maybe once I finish the book I'll pick up something to stitch.


KaLu - Claudia said...

Its so pretty! I love the backing fabric

So happy to see you're blogging and stitching again. =]

Mary said...

I love the pattern! The material is sparkly! I love the color of the backing material too.

Michelle said...

Your pillow is so pretty. Love it! I wish I had a book that was grabbing my attention as much as yours is. I'm slogging through mine at the moment.

Hazel said...

Beautiful finish. It is so good to see you posting again Jenn. xx