Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost the big day

My Birthday is on Saturday this year and when I got home from work tonight I had my first birthdy gift waiting for me in the mail. It was from Harmien. I was so excited when I saw the package and who it was from.

Thank you so much Harmien! You've already made my birthday so special. I've put the box ontop of my stiching cabnet along with everything else I've gotten from my friends.
I had Monday off of work which was so nice since it was raining here so I got to snuggle up and do a ltitle stitching and reading durring the day. I also have Friday off. So does DH. We are talking about maybe going and looking for a kitten or 2 and see what we can find.

For all of you who have more then one cat I have a question for you. If you are getting 2 kittens is it better to get them from the same litter or from 2 different litters? I thought I'd read years ago that you should get them from 2 different litters but, it seems that people are not telling me I should get them from the same litter. I just wanted to see what all of you thought.


Jennifer said...

My two cats came from two litters that were kept together at the shelter, and they got along great. Originally, they thought one was a male and the other a female, but on the first trip to the vet, I discovered I had two little boys!

One was about a week older than the other, and tended to be more dominant, but they still got along really well and I didn't have any issues with them. Sadly one of them got ill and passed away a few years ago, so we just have his brother.

I've never heard of getting new kittens from 2 litters, but I have heard that you should get the opposite of what you have. For instance, we have an older male cat, so we'd look for a younger female cat if we were to get a new one.

Good luck, and I hope you find a couple little fluffballs that make you smile.

Joei said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day.
Such a lovely present you got.

Rowyn said...

I don't think it matters whether they come from the same litter or not. I've had both - and never any problems.

I certainly think that getting two is a good idea - that way you don't always have to be the playmate and provide all the entertainment after a hard day at work :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad you like my giftie, Jenn and that you have your stitching mojo back!!
Our Kisse had a litter 6 years ago and two of the kittens went to our neighbours, so we still see them all the time. They are both doing great.

Kendra said...

The vet I used to work for would suggest the following...if you're getting from the same litter, same-sex siblings (brother-brother or sister-sister) tend to fight with each other more than a mixed-gender pair (brother-sister). Of course that is not the case for every single situation, but she said in her experience, it tended to happen more than not. We experienced it when we got our first cats (before I worked for the vet...LOL). They were sisters and they *hated* each other as adults. At a later time, we also had 2 male kitties, but from different litters, and they got along very well and had a ball playing with each other.

Pumpkin said...

Oh, that's beautiful! Harmien does such lovely work :o) I have your birthday on a post it note on my desktop ;o)

I'm not sure about the kittens. Our two were from different litters but were about 3-4 years apart in age.

Mel in Dubai said...

What a lovely gift - Happy Birthday!

I don't know much about cats (we're dog people) but my neighbour's cats (who spend a lot of time in my yard - our garden furniture gets the sun at the right time of day - lol!) are from the same litter, both boys, and they get on great :)

Good luck :)

Vonna said...

Harmien is the sweetest and she did a super job on your gift! Happy Birthday Jenn....I sent you something in the mail...but it's been a icy/snowy week here and I got it in late too so it will get there just not on your big day :(

Annemarie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous presents from Harmien!
Due to my Birthday Reminder being faulty, I didn't really know when your birthday was exactly. I know last year I got it wrong :o(

I'm sorry: I have no experience with cats.

Christine said...

My birthday is also on Saturday, so some early birthday wishes to you. I hope you have a great day.

Mary said...

Harmien's birthday present is beautiful.
Happy Birthday, early!
I hope you enjoy your day off Friday!

Part of me wishes I had adopted Molly's sister when we got her but in the long run considering Molly the way she is... it's probably better for her to be an only But I wonder if we did get the sisters together if Molly wouldn't be as devious and independant as she can get at times. We love her though.

I suspect that if you get the kittens at the same shelter, you can already tell if they get along. It might take a few visits and you might have an urge to take them all home but you will find the perfect match for you and Paul.

Let us know how the visit to see the kittens goes.


Stitching Cat said...

Jenn, Happy Birthday! I think the best present is a new kitten! I've had cats from the same litter, from different litters and cats who arrived a year apart -- for three years in a row! And, just like humans, it really depends on the kitten as to how they will get along! Best of luck and enjoy your Birthday! I'm off tomorrow also -- will spend the day stitching.

tkdchick said...

Happy birthday!!!! Another lovley gift!

Michelle said...

Beautiful gift! And Happy Birthday!! I have two cats (had three until Hamlet died) - all of them came from different litters, but they came to me at different times. I haven't ever heard that same litter is better than different litter, but you might just see how the two interact. Mine are all male too. I hope you find some cuties!