Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry (day after) Christmas!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

We had a very nice day in our new home. My parents came over and had Christmas Day dinner with us. We went over to their house for Christmas Eve. Everything went very smoothly on our first holiday in our new house except the sink in the kitchen backed up while we were making dinner. We weren't able to unblock it ourselves so I now have a stack of dishes sitting waiting to be done once the plumer shows up.

Last night while we were relaxing after dinning (and trying not to think about the backed up sink) I picked up a piece I've had in my stash for a number of years that I've alwasy loved but, never gotten around to it. It's by Sue Hillis Designs and it's called Christmas Stockings. This is what the finished piece will look like.

And this is what I got done last night.

I usually work on holiday pieces and once the holiday comes around either what I'm working on is done or I put it away till next year but, I think with this piece I will keep working on it till it's done even though Christmas is over so I can have it done for next year.

As promised here is a picture of our tree. I got a lot of nice things. A Pair of earings, a few DVDs. (movies, music and TV shows), the new James Patterson book, and a ton of stuff for the house. A number plaque to put on the outside of the house (I'll take a picture of it once we put it up), towels, a new corning wear set, a basket for magazines for the bathroom, and a gift certificate for a massage. Oh and my parents gave us (but, I consider it Paul's) a new BBQ Gril. We can't wait to start using it

I know this picture is a little dark but, this is my Christmas Garfield in his Christmas PJ's. I've had him for years and he always makes me smile so I wanted to share him with everyone. I just love his bunny slippers. :)


Carol said...

I was hoping you had a good Christmas in your new home :-) I plan to email in the next day or sooner, a big thank you is due! I am a bit overwhelmed with two nieces here and Angus still in the hospital...

Carina said...

Your Christmas tree looks wonderful in your new home! I'm glad you had a nice "first Christmas!"

When I read that Paul got a new BBQ grill, it made me smile! He may be an American now, but he's obviously still an Aussie boy at heart! (David actually shipped his BBQ over from Sydney when he moved here because it is such a beloved item!) :)

Mary said...

Oh Jenn!!!
Your tree looked great. It fit perfectly in that corner. I love your bookcases too.
Garfield looks great in his PJ's. I love his bunny slippers too.
I'm glad you had a great Christmas in your new home.
Molly is still in the Vet Hospital so I've been stressed out since Saturday and especially since we had to bring her back and admit her to the hospital on Sunday-Christmas Eve. We have her presents waiting for her by the tree so when she gets home, she will be able to have Christmas minus the stress of guests. I can't wait for her to be home.

Heidi said...

Wow, you got a lot done on your stockings. It will be nice when its done. I love your tree too. And garfiled is so cute and I agree with you his bunny slippers are absoilutely adorable! Sounds like your xmas went great. I hope the plumber comes soon to fix that sink.

stitcherw said...

Your tree looks lovely, and Garfield is adorable in his little slippers, I can see how he would make you smile just looking at him. Your new project looks like it will be fun. With the new year and such, it will still feel like holidays for a while when you're working on it. Even then, if you enjoy the pattern any time is a good time to stitch it, just think of it as being really early for next year (that's how I'm looking at the Halloween project I'm working on now).

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I love your new start on the stockings - what a cute design!

Barbara said...

Glad to hear that your first Christmas in your new home was a jolly one - and I really like the project you've started. :)

Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful first Christmas in your new home!! As for the sink...well, it's probably the first of several surprises. When we moved into this house, we had more than our share of quirks and bumps in the road. But it's all worth it. :) Garfield looks adorable!

Juul :o) said...

You have a lovely Christmas tree, and I love your stitching (thanks for the tip) ;o)
Cute bunny slippers!

Shelleen said...

glad that your Christmas in your new home worked out well despite the sink. Love your Garfield, how cute!

Missy said...

Garfield is so cute...he used to be one of my favorites also.

I love the hardwood floors!!! You lucky little thing. I am hoping that our next house has nice hardwood. And the dark paint is so complimentary. Great room for a tree and decorations!

: )