Monday, December 18, 2006

Catching Up

I finished the gift I've been working on tonight. I can't post it yet till the person I did it for recieves it, and it will be going out in tomorrows mail. I've started another gift but, this one I can talk about. I'm Doing "Peace Tree by M Designs for my mom for Christmas. I"m not sure how to finish it into an ornament so I will probably just frame it for her.

We had a great Wednesday last week. The landscapers came and took our pine tree down. YEAH!!! Now you can see the house. We've talked with a few of our neighboors and they were all of the same opinion that the tree had to go. It was so big and you just couldn't see the house behind it.

So here is a before photo from when we first found the house over the Summer.

and 2 after photos.

Nothing has been done on the left side of the house since the tree was there. So i'm looking forward to planting some things come the spring. Any suggestions Carol? :)
I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the Holiday Season. We put our tree up on Saturday. I've not gotten a photo of it but, I will soon and post it for all of you too see (and so you can see our living room too.)


Jules said...

Oh Jenn. What a pretty little house. I am so glad that you are in safe and sound, and just in time for Christmas too. Can't wait to see your tree. Take care. x

Missy said...

Whoa! What a monster of a tree. I'm normally not a fan of cutting down trees, but this makes a WORLD of difference! WOW! Much much better. Maybe you can plant a flowering tree or something to replace it?

Can't wait to see the other pictures!


Karen said...

I was just catching up with your blog. Congrats to your husband!! Your house looks really cute. Your house must of lit right up when they cut that tree down! It was huge!!

Carol said...

Nice to see the house! If your houses faces south or west, roses might look fantastic there! I have plenty of ideas for you!

stitcherw said...

Removing the tree made a huge difference, and how nice to be able to see out of your window now too. The tree designs by M Designs are so pretty, I'll look forward to your posting a picture. What color combination are you doing it in?

Stitchingnow said...

Wow what a differance that made. The house looks really good now.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house! Removing the tree made it even more beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you.

Juul :o) said...

One tree up (can't wait to see the photo('s)), and one tree down...
Now study gardenplantbooks till spring, and off you go to the gardeningcentre!
Just like:


Karen said...

What a great house!! I agree, the tree had to GO. Pretty as the tree was in and of itself, it was definitely taking away from the house. Best of luck and I hope you have many many happy memories in your new home!!

Mary said...

I think I can finally post. Congrats to Paul on getting his citizenship. I am glad you got rid of that overgrown pine. It really makes your house look bigger. I never would have known you had hedges behind that tree. I can imagine your Christmas tree right at that picture window. I don't knwo if you did put it there but it looks great. Happy Christmas to you and Paul and Misha!!!

Chiara said...

Hi Jenn,
your house is very nice. I wish you and Paul a very merry Christmas!!!

Juul :o) said...

Jenn and Paul, I wish the both of you are having a lovely Christmas in your new house!