Saturday, October 7, 2006

1 Down 49 more to go

I finished my first projected in the 50 piece challenge.

Kitty Magic
Stitched on 28 count Blue Diamonds Opalescent Lugana
Finished 10/7/06
I did make a blog to keep track of the 50 pieces that I finsh it's My 50 Pieces.
I got the fabric I ordered for Little Snap Dragon in the mail on Friday from Down Sunshine Lane. This piece was one of my acceptions to the no stash buying till I get 50 pieces done cause it was on order when the challange started. I just love the colors in this pice. They are so pretty!

And here is my first scan of what I did today while I was watching the Tigers/Yankees Game. Sorry the scan is so small but, my scanner would only scan the part that i'd stitched so i didn't have much to go with. :{

I know it's a little early but, I though I'd ask. I'd like to take part in some kind of Christmas exchange but, I dont' know who is doing 0ne. SBEBB probably is but i'm not a member of the group and they aren't taking new members at this time. Anyone know of any groups that are please let me know. Thanks :)


Missy said...

Too cute! One to cross off the list.

I am emailing you about a group that does exchanges that I am in!!


Carol said...

Congratulations! How cute! It must feel great to have your first one done in the challenge!!!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations on your finish and on completing your #1 in the challenge. The finished kitty is absolutely adorable! :)

Lisa said...

Very cute, congratulations on your start!

Mary said...

Jenn! San Man Kitty Magic is great. Congrats on a beautiful finish. I love the stash you got for Little Snap Dragon. I can't wait to see the progress when you start that. Congrats too on finish 1 of your 50. I can't wait to see what your #2 will be.
Happy Stitching!
Mary :-)

Karen said...

I love Kitty Magic!! Congrats on your first finish in the Challenge. : )

Chiara said...

Your Kitty magic is cute!!! and this challenge is very interesting!!! Maybe on EMS Cross Stitch board someone organize a Christmas exchange...

Juul :o) said...

Jenn I love it!!!
49 to go!!!
Please, keep us updated.
Pretty please?
I can't make (anonymous) comments on the other blog...

AnneS said...

Woohoo, one down for the challenge - way to go! :) And I have to agree with you with the yummy colours for your new project ... all those blues yummo ;)