Monday, April 3, 2006

I'm going frog hunting

Man those little critters are hatching ALL OVER THE PLACE! No sooner had I sent the last one on his way to Heather's pond than one of his little friends shows up. Frogs must like fairies cause when ever I stitch on one a frog is bound to turn up!! I think I got this one to agree to follow is friend to Heathers. So watch out Heather don't let them in the house just point them to the pond in the back and they will be very happy there! :)

After having a visit from the second frog while working on the wings of the Easter Fairy on Sunday while watching the Australian F1 Grand Prix. I've managed to get back to where I was and start to do a little of the backstitching.

Here is how she looks tonight. I'm not crazy about using the Zack Black for her eye. I may change it to the brown I'm using for the rest of her bodies back stitching.

It started raining this afternoon and really picked up on my drive home. It was nice to sit and stitch tonight while I watched the replay of the Red Sox game and then 24. The rain is still coming down so I'll probably fall asleep to it hitting the porch outside my bedroom.

The Chronicles of Narnia comes out tomorrow on DVD. I've been looking forward to it. Hope to make a quick run to Target on my way to work and grab my copy.

I wanted to thank my new blog friend Annette for her letting me have a copy of the blinkie she had on her blog. The blinkie says "I reject your reality and substitute my own." it is a saying that Adam from Mythbusters said during one of the shows a few years ago and they put the clip into the opening credits. It's one of my favorite sayings. Thanks again Annette!!


Carina said...

Jenn, your Easter Fairy is looking sooo good! I didn't think you would really have her done in time for Easter, but now I am sure you will! (Forgive my former doubting!) :)

Carol said...

My goodness, she is almost there now!

Juul :o) said...

I would not change the backstitch colour of her eye, until the last of the other stiches are done...
Maybe in that way it saves you from yet another little FROG! LOL
I'm stitching angels right now, and I have never had so many frogs visiting as this time!
I'll send all of them to our pond! :o)
Thanks for yet another lovely update!
Till next time!

Kim said...

She's looking so good! Can't wait to see the finish. :D

zoeandcooper said...

She looks so lovely, I can't wait to see her finished:)

Heather said...

The first lot of frogs you sent haven't arrived yet ;-) I'm not sure the pond will take many more!!!

Your Easter Fairy looks great.