Saturday, April 1, 2006

Happy Dance

No....I didn't finish a piece but, the fabric I ordered form Silkweavers arrived today. I'm using one piece of Opalescent Glistening Cream to stitch the 2005 L*K Flip-its and the other do to Celtic Autumn with the color conversions. I've been good though and I put the fabric in the kits I'd done up for each piece with the patterns and floss. I'm not going to start either of them (probably the L*K piece) till at least the Easter Fairy is done and maybe one other small piece - I'm thinking the over 1 Shamrock piece.

Here is today picture of the Easter Fairy. Except for the backstitching and the beads her body is done. Just the wing left to stitch and as you can see I started this tonight. I just love the colors in her. So nice and soft. I hope to get her wings done this coming week and to be adding the beads to her by next weekend.

Well I got active today and I did a little cleaning in the living room. I guess you could call it Spring cleaning or at least a start to it. I got all my stitching stuff that was in piles and put it into a box by where I sit. In the box is mainly the bags that hold extra floss and a few rolls of Aida fabric. I fixed up the projects that I am stitching now and put one or two a way for now. I did promise them that I would take them out soon to work on again. :) I have a CD book that I keep all my DVD movies in and I've not added some recent movies I've gotten to it so I also did that today. Another thing I feel good about. :) The Pile of DVD's is now gone and I feel like I'm getting rid of clutter even though it's still here. I hope I can get a few more things cleaned up tomorrow. It will make me feel like I've gotten something actually done this weekend.

We got our tax return back yesterday and we found out that after a few years we are finally getting money back (again) this year (knock on wood that this trend keeps up). I'm going to use some of the money, when I get it, to frame a few of my finished pieces. Christmas Fairy Elf, Colleen, Harry Potter Bear and Bun Warmer for starts. It feels good to finish pieces but, I think it feels even better to get them framed. :)


Juul :o) said...

Hi Jenn,
My jaw hit the ground, when your Easter Fairy appeared on my screen! YOOHOO! She is beautyful!
And after reading your post: I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o)!
All great news!
I loved following Christmas Fairy Elf, Harry Potter Bear and Bun Warmer and to see them framed would also be wonderful!
I love the L*K Flip-its and Celtic Autumn with the color conversions.
So I love to follow them too.
But the greatest news is your not putting Easter Fairy aside! :o)
So I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o), I'm happy dancing :o)!
You go girl! And I hope the tax people will work with us! :o)
Did you noticed I'm I'm happy dancing :o)?

Juul :o) said...

Did you noticed I'm I'm happy dancing :o)?

I'm stammering (Engl.?)because I'm happy???

zoeandcooper said...

Your Easter Fairy looks wonderful...can't wait to see her finished:)

Carol said...

Easter Fairy looks great!!! Nice to know there are now some quick stitch Mirabilias out there :-) Congrats on getting some organization done!

Missy said...

Easter Fairy looks are on the home stretch with her! I dread doing cleaning & organizing but I feel so much better once it is done. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

Keep the updates coming! I shall live vicariously through you for now.

Pam said...

Oh Jenn, Easter Fairy is lovely! The colors in her are so pretty. The fabric you ordered sounds beautiful, I have yet to get any of the Opalescents.

Great news about your taxes! Isn't it wonderful to get money back? We still need to have ours done and hopefully we'll get some back to. I can't wait to see your projects framed, I have yet to have a single one of mine done yet... course I have to finish some to be able to frame them LOL

karensff said...

Easter Fairy looks fantastic. She really stitched up fast. Not long now until a happy dance!