Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm still here....

I'm still around and I've kind of been reading eveyone's blogs to keep up to date. You've all been working on some beautiful pieces. I've picked up a few things to work on in the past week or so but, I've not gotten very far on any of them before I end up putting the piece back down.

I like the coffee mug challenge that is going on right now. I don't drink coffee. I drink either coco or tea and I don't do it every morning so I don't have a mug I use every day to post a picture of. Just the ones I use every so often.

I feel like blogging again but each time I sit down I just don't know what to say anymore and I sure don't want to bother everyone with my (depressing) problems so I find it better to just say nothing still.

I do hope to be back soon. I miss you all so much.


Bastet said...

Hon, when I took a leave of absence from the NEX Stitchers group, due to medical reasons ..there was times I wished I was in contact with some of the girls. Sometimes you need someone who understands or at least to vent to. I learnt the hard way that bottling everything up with no way to vent isn't good. Hope things are going upwards at least. You take care hear Jenn!?

Myrna said...

You could always show us the 'occasional' cup. :-)

Don't worry about not having anything to write about... sometimes I just write 'rambling thoughts'. And, when I write them out, I sometimes tend to feel better too.


Myrna :-)

Butterfly Amy said...

Hi Jenn,

Glad to hear from you! I'm always here for you if you need to chat.. I don't mind if you need to vent! That's what friends are for :)

I tried to leave you comments on the last post 2 times but it wouldn't let me. trying again here :)


Mary said...

Hi Jenn!
Glad to see you are stitching. It's a good comfort but if you do need to talk, you know where I am and you know my number. You take care of yourself and do positive things to make you feel better. I have heard that from my therapists alot lately... the paid therapists and the friend therapists.... I think it's good advice to pass along! Just keep thinking about May and the stitching vacation we will have and seeing everyone up in NH. :-)

karensff said...

Hi Jenn, would love to see your occasional cup.

I'm sorry things are still not going well for you. And don't worry about not being able to blog just yet. It will come back to you along with your stitching. Glad that you are still around and I will be thinking of you


Missy said...

So glad to see a post from you, you have been on my mind. Let me know if you need to chat...I'm here for you!

Hang in there. I know that life can be really hard sometimes but you just have to take it one day at a time.


Juul :o) said...

Hi Jenn,
Thanks for your update, just take everything one step at a time.

And I would be very pleased to see your coco mug... ;o)

Stay in touch, we'll be here!

Lana said...

Sorry things have been so rough for you! Just wanted to let you know I am reading your blog, and I've missed not hearing from you! But You need to do whatever it takes to take care of yourself.

Dawn said...

Take as long as you need. :)Hope things get better soon.

Stitchermommy said...

Hope that things are getting better for you. Can't wait to see on the boards again soon.


Dianne said...

There are amazing people here in blogland-the best friends with similar interests and I am sure issues. Please keep in touch through your blog.
My motto:take it one day at a time or one hour at a time.
Big hugs to you!

Karen's Blog said...

It is hard to come up with something to write each day. So far I have managed to write something each day but I have only been doing this about 2 weeks:)

I'm sorry to hear you have not been feeling too good lately Jen. I hope that being a part of this caring Blog community helps make a difference:)


AnneS said...

Good to see you back, Jenn - I was worried about you! Seriously, though, getting things off your chest here could help - or via email ... I always said once I've said out loud what it is that's troubling me, I find it easier to deal with - I'm a great one for bottling up my troubles and not sharing, but now you can't shut me up ;) Glad to have you back :)) {hugs}