Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here she is - The Easter Fairy

Easter Fairy

abcstitch says she's much prettier than the photo.

I stiteched on a few things today. I felt like I didn't get much done this week so everything was calling to me. It was so nice to just sit and stitch today while I watch the Olympics. I'm looking to doing the same tomorrow. I'm really enjoying the snow. It just hasn't felt like winter till now.

I did a little on Sitting Pretty. Missy has done this piece too and just posted a photo of it on her blog. I don't have all the colors for this piece so I'm kind of just doing what I can at the moment.

I'm almost done with Bun Warmer so I brought it home from work to finihs. I should have it done tomorrow and I'll bring something else to work for me to stitch at lunch time.


Missy said...

:( I don't think that I like her all that much. I was really looking forward to stitching all 4 this year...I might still do it though if she is prettier in person.

What is on her arm? It looks like a basset hound head is hanging from it? I assume it is some kind of basket or something?

Thanks for showing it. Are you going to do it?

Carol said...

Thanks Jenn.... hmmmm... not loving her yet, but maybe in real life?? Her legs look more like a DMC Flower Fairy to me (although I love those)

Juul :o) said...

Thanks for sharing, I love Easter Fairy!