Friday, January 27, 2006

Jennifer Needs

I saw that Carol has posted on her blog about the google search for your name so I took up her 'challenge' and searched mine. I did both Jenn and Jennifer and here is what I came up with.

Jenn needs someone to love her as much as she loves them
Jenn needs to have a session or two with my therapist
Jenn needs to post office hours
Jenn needs a hot rod...and a good insurance policy
Jenn needs to get her grove back
Jenn needs a hug
Jennifer needs a cold shower.
Jennifer needs help immediately with her all of her bills!

and my favorite

Jenn needs to get past her handcuff thing. *giggle* who told!!! :)

Here is my updated of Christmas Elf Fairy for today. I should have her done tomorrow so get your happy dance shoes ready to join me! :)

Paul and I went to the movies tonight we went to see The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. We both really enjoyed the movie.


Carol said...

Hi Jenn... GRR... I am getting a blank screen on your entry! Sometimes Blogger makes me crazy! I will have to check back later and see if it appears. I deleted my "Carol needs" list and did a "Carol believes" list instead... just can't get the therapist out of me LOL! I prefer beliefs over needs!! And, I got 10 straight off the bat that I do believe, omitting only the one about cannabis use!! check my blog - I especially like number five!

Hey - the word recognition for this entry actually spells a real word! Anvil!

AnneS said...

Haha, these crack me up ... sorry to hear your handcuff fetish is out in front of the whole world now LOL ;)

Juul :o) said...

Jenn needs a hug


LOL, I love Google!