Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yes I'm still alive.

Yes....Yes....Yes.....I'm still here. I've just been consumed with things
that have been running around inside my head. This had unfortunately distracted me form a lot of things including stitching. :( I'm trying to get back into the grove of things and I had my first finish (all be it small) on Sunday.

This is Souffle and he is a 'friend' of Popcorn the bear. I think he's so cute and when I found this piece of him all wrapped up in the snow ball I just knew I had to do it.

Carol had started a new Yahoo group for a Mirabilia SAL to start on January 1st. I've joined but, I'm not sure which piece I'm going to do. At first I thought I'd do Mermaids of the Deep Blue but, then I thought I'd do the Rose of Shannon, now I'm thinking of doing the Winter Queen. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Decisions, Decisions.

I've not done any work on the Christmas Fairy Elf as I made a mistake on it and had to frog out a section. So It's kind of put me off working on it. But, I did pick it up yesterday and do the frogging so the next time I work on it (hopefully tonight) I will be able to start 'fresh.'

I got to see U2 again earlier this month in Hartford. I had general admission tickets on to the floor. For those of you who aren't U2 fans I'll explain this and make it brief so I don't bore you all. The stage set up has a cat walk that comes out into the audience. It circles around
and back to the other side of the stage.

Here is a picture of the stage in Hartford before the show.

They call inside the ellipse and the only way you can get in there is as you are being let into the show your ticket is scanned. It will either scan 'please proceed to the floor' or a U2 logo will come up and if the logo comes up you get to be inside the ellipse. Well Paul's ticket scanned U2 so we got to be in the ellipse.

The orange bracelet got me onto the floor, the blue one got me inside the ellipse.
We were in there early enough that I got to be at the end of the ellipse (top middle). It was just the spot I wanted to be as that is where Bono comes out at the start of the show and they do a few songs (or part of songs out there). If you look at the picture of the stage above. There is a security guard with a yellow jacket on at the end of the ellipse, right inside next to him is someone wearing a purple shirt (ok, ok it looks blueish in the photo) that is me. *grin* (mmmm the photo came out to small to see me LOL) They are an amazing band, it was an amazing night and they ended their US tour last night. I hope they are back again soon.


Bastet said...

Hey Jenn! Glad to know that you're still alive and kicking (to quote my gran) I love Souffle, he's a few patterns down in my small project to do pile. Now that I've seen him done up, it's going to be hard to not move him up a spot or two. I know about the lack of stitching, though with me it's just my large projects that are suffering. I'd love to join you on the Mirabilia SAl but until I can get my act together I'm afraid of signing up for another SAL.
I have two of the ones you mentioned all kitted up and ready to go....

Carol said...

your ducky is super cute Jenn! Great job!

glad you had a good time at U2 :-)

karensff said...

Souffle is so cute! I fell in love with this design when I saw it too. Glad you are still continuing with the Christmas elf.

I am thinking about joining the mirabelia stitch along too. I have enjoyed CW.

Juul said...

Hi Jenn,
I would love to see how your Christmas fairy is coming along.
Do you think the piece of fabric in your kit was big enough?
My piece of fabric was rather small.
Bye Juul :o)

Butterfly Amy said...

Hi Jenn! Souffle is adorable! Was he in a magazine?
Happy Stitching!