Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Friday

I didn't get a chance to add to my post yesterday so I just thought I'd start a new post.

To answer a few questions that have been posted in my comments section late.

Ann wanted to know where my Teddy came from. Here is a copy of the booklet he comes from. It's called "This is me Adorable Pals" and it's by Sew Fine. It's copy right 1983 but, I know that the kits were available in the last 80's/early 90's because that is when I did the cat. You can find this booklet on e-bay every once in a while. (That is where I got mine)

Carol you wanted to know how I can go back to stitching on Aida. I don't have a problem with it and I actually like stitching on it. I just find some pieces that I do not 'worth' the expensive material that I have in my stash. Either that or I don't find the pattern will fit (I mean by how it will look) on anything but, Aida. Sounds silly but.... :) Plus I can sit and stitch and be doing something else while I'm stitching (watching tv, talking to someone) and not really have to think about what i'm stitching I just kind of do it. Well with fabrics I need to count on I still have to think a little while doing them. With the Aida I don't have to. Make sence?

It's funny I'm one of those people who though they could never work on anything but Aida. I though all that counting would drive me crazy but, I guess I just needed to find the right type of fabric (Lugana) to work on and I was all set. :)

Whoo Hoo! Silkweavers is having it's "Spook"tacular Sale again this year. Mmmmm I'm going to have to buy a few of her Lugana packs. mmmmm I just love getting these *grin* I'll have to check with them though as to what packs I got last year. I normally save my purchase e-mails but, I don't have the ones from last year.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I think the bear's really cute. Ann.