Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Teddy/Blog Problems

I checked out AngelSan's blog today and it looks like she will probably finish the HP bear before me. I knew she would. I've been slowly stitching away at it a section at a time. I'll get there soon.

I'll post an updated scan tonight.

My blog seems to be all screwed up at the moment and I don't know what to do about it. The side tool bar is not appearing up at the top. where it should be. It's way down at the bottom. I've not added anything to the toolbar so that can't be the problem. I'm hoping it's one of my posts and once I post enough and the post disappears that this will fix itself. I just hate when things like this happen and I can't figure out what to do. :(

** Never mind I found the problem and fixed it.

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Carol said...

Yay Jenn!!!!!! I asked Mike to see if he could take a look at your blog and figure this out, as he is a programmer. But I don't think he did yet since he is busy cleaning out our basement (HUGE job) since we are having it finished off.... I was going to bug him about your blog today :-) So, what was the problem?? Who knows, it could happen to me or any of the rest of us too - yikes!

As for Little Wings, I scrolled through my July entries and did not see that I had stitched it in July at all, so I must have picked it up in error back in June :-)

Thanks again for that GC! I don't know if you saw the rest of my entry last night, but I used it :-) I got the six NPI silks I need for VS's new Heirloom Homecoming and I got the super cute Fish City chart :-)