Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pink it is

Thanks to those of you who let me know which color I should stitch the PR Free Angle pattern in. So Pink it is! :) I think I might work on the bookmark this weekend to see if I can finish it so I can start the angel soon.

Angelsan did a needle case out of the Margaret Sherry sisor FOB pattern for an old (only like a month or two) issue of the UK Cross Stitcher. I really like how this came out so I'm haveing a go at it. I finished the piece tonight. It's only about 20x20 so it didn't take long and I've cut and frayed my fabric to size. I got the ribbon (hope it's not to wide) and the felt at Wal-Mart yesterday and I'm going to be putting it together tomorrow night. I would do it tonight but, I left the bag down in the car and I really don't feel like running outside in my PJ's! :)

I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished piece tomorrow or Saturday depending on how I go with it tomorrow.


Carol said...

Ooo, can't wait! I have that issue, and as soon as I saw that adorable kitty, I knew it would be a great fob to make for someone someday :-)

Bastet said...

I decided on the Celtic Christmas since it was the only one I had all the floss for, and a piece of fabric big enough for it already. No specialty flosses to send for or travel an hour or so for. May have to with the beads though. But this way if I'm not happy stitching her, I wouldn't have spent extra for the "specialty" threads.

I can't wait to see how the Angel freebie works up. She's very pretty.