Monday, August 22, 2005

A little bit of everything

I had kind of a buys weekend and this as been my first chance to sit down and post.

We went to Block Island on Saturday. We had a fun time even though there was a massive fog surrounding the island. We still had fun looking around town, having a nice lunch and sitting on the beach listening to the band at the restaurant play.

My stitching project at work has suppose to have been my Love book mark lately thatZohrah is working on also. I've not gotten much done on it at work this week as things keep coming up that have taken over my lunch time and I've not taking lunch 2 days this week as I have doctors appointments so I brought it with me to Block Island. Here is what I've done so far.

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Yesterday I spent cleaning up around the house in the morning then in the after noon I stitched on a few different things while I first watched the tape of the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix. Then I watched the Red Sox game. It was good to see us get a win after the losses we've had this past week.

While watching the F1 I worked on Frederick The Literate. I'm doing this as a SAL with Mary. I had started this a few years ago and it had turned into a UFO so when Mary said she'd gotten this piece I jumped at the chance for a SAL to get me back working on it. I've not done much on it this week as I want to give Mary a chance to catch up with me since I had a bit done on it. I hope to next week get his face done. I would have finished it this weekend but, I'm a little off on one of his ears so I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to fix this.

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I think Sunday's are starting to turn into Emerald Mermaid day. Sunday's were the day I worked on this piece when I started it last year but then it got put down cause other things were calling me. I would have liked to have gotten her face done today as I'm thinking I like Carols idea of getting the face done first on pieces. It brings the piece so to life.

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I've got to have the new Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea pattern by Mirabilia. I don't know what it is about this piece but, I've so fallen in love with it. I'm starting to think it's the fabric. I'm going to try and preorder it today.

I haven't stitched on Mermaid Heaven since Friday but, this was my first chance to post my current WIP picture of it. I think the piece is really starting to come alive for me now that I can see the baby's face. I'm finding it hard to see the definition of the arms when I"m working on the piece but, when I look at my scan of the piece I can see everything so clearly. I can't wait to work on this one again this week.

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Bastet said...

Mermaid Heaven and Emerald Mermaid are coming along nicely! Fredrick is starting to show some mettle. And I know that the new Mirabilia pattern is going on my wish list. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at Block Island.

Carol said...

Your WIPS are looking wonderful!! Why do you doubt yourself and your stitching so much? I do gorgeous work!!!!!! Oh, I am happy Emmy is in your rotation - I love her! Great fabric choice! I should start her soon.... but you know me, more projects than there is time for, I guess!!!!! I watched the F1 Grand Prix too!! Well, the last ten minutes I was flipping back and forth because NASCAR was starting up! Yay, Red Sox! Finally a strong game against the Angels! Wish they were playing tonight... I think I am going to be stuck watching Sin City with Mike (that one does not appeal to me) - any pics of your travels to Block Island to share? Sounds like fun! Mike and I have not gotten out in a while!!

Zohrah said...

WOW...Your Love bookmark is coming out fast, I've been in a book mode no stitching at the moment. But after seeing it, spurs me to finish it at least in my non-stitching mode.. :)

Mary said...

Everything is coming out great. If I didn't know that you said the Love bookmark is still a WIP, I would have thought it was done. I love the edges. It's so beautiful. I haven't stitched on Frederick in a few weeks. Now that I'm on vacation, I do hope to get more done.
Congrats on what you have done so far. It's amazing and inspiring!!!