Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another non stitching night

:( I just couldn't get into stitching last night no matter what I did. I really wanted to work on Earth Angel but, when I did I felt like the stitching I had already done was a mess. I just didn't like the way any of it looked. I guess I think that everyone's stitches on their pieces are perfect and that mine look like crap. :( I'm just not happy with the way the stitches have been lieing on the Lugana fabric.

I ended up picking up about 3 different pieces after I put Earth Angel down then finally settling on a UFO that I haven't touched in a while. It's a teddy bear called "here is me" it's one in a series. I'd done the cat piece about 15 years ago. It was my second Counted Cross Stitch Piece. I'll have to scan the cover of the leaflet so everyone can see what it looks like. This piece had become a UFO because I'd realized that I'd forgotten how to do French Knots. Janey taught me how to do them again at Celebration this year so now I can finish this piece!

I placed an order almost a month ago with Stitching Bits and Bobs and I'm not happy with the whole thing. One of the charts I ordered was out of stock (again) then the package finally got mailed on the 6th and I've not gotten it yet. I e-mailed them about it and I'm not to happy with the snippy comment I got back. They want me to wait till Saturday to see if it shows up. I don't think it it's here by now that it will be here by Saturday. I wonder if it's not here on Saturday if I can cancel my order. I guess I'll just stick to buying from and Down Sunshine Lane.

I was just on the Down Sunshine Lane site and there is a new Mirabilia pattern coming out on August 26. Ooooh Mermaids again! I think This one is a must stitch. Someone once said to me that I must like Mermaids cause I stitch them so much. I thought this was kind of funny. Only because I never really like Mermaids but, some of the patters of them are just so beautiful that you can't help but, want to stitch them! :) Ooooohhhh there are just to many patterns and not enought time.


Carol said...

Uh-oh, is your self-confidence crashing? I have that same problem too - sometimes I look at my stitches and think, hmmmmm, am I doing something wrong? Then I drive out to Yankee Cross Stitch and look at every model and realize, oh those are like mine - or worse!!!! When all the stitches are in together, then it all comes together... please don't give up!! Love ya!

Bastet said...

I've felt like that before, it's not fun, but it will go away, give it time. Hugs!

Bastet said...

ooo, forgot to mention, the new mirabilia design definately looks like a stitcher! And lots of beads too... :)

Carol said...

Hi Jenn, Got your email - really looking forward to your Mermaid Heaven WIP pic :-)