Thursday, June 9, 2005

I've give up!

I've had it. I'm tired of being treated/feeling like I'm a complete idiot. I spend all day at work having everything I do questioned and getting blamed for things I didn't even do then I come home at night and I can't even figure out a simple cross stitch pattern. There must be no bigger looser than me on the entire planet. At the end of the day I just feel like a complete looser.


Carol said...

Oh no Jenn! Please don't feel that way! I adore you and do not feel you are any kind of loser, on any kind of level! Some days are like that - patterns can be elusive!! But you are a gem, and please, please don't kid yourself into thinking otherwise :-)

Butterfly Amy said...

No way Jenn! I admire you greatly!
We've all had bad times at work where we feel like we can't seem to do anything right, but they will pass (usually just means you need a little time off).
As for cross stitch... I think when we are stressed about other things in our lives we can't seem to concentrate on even the simple things. Just take some time out and relax and I sure do hope you feel better about things soon. You can come on AIM when you need to vent and chat with me, or email me and ask for my phone #
But you are by no means a loser!!

Carol said...

Are you feeling any better yet today? I sure hope so! No, I haven't read King's Red Sox book yet... what is up with the Sox right now? They should be holding up better to the Cubs!!! David Ortiz is doing a signing at the Manchester Mall (Mall of NH, I think is its real name) on July 30th!

Mary said...

You are definitely not a loser. You are actually quite inspirational. You got me stitching more and I absolutely love everything you've made. We all have days when patterns are a bit confusing. It also could be the designer who didn't write the instructions correctly. Remember I'm the one who tends to add rows and columns when I stitch. It's just my creative touch to the piece. ;-)
Hugs!!!!! You are really an awesome person!