Wednesday, June 8, 2005

It's Official.....

I'm now 100% a reality TV junkie! :) I always knew I was boarder line and now I've decided that I've gone totally over the edge and am completely addicted. This revelation came about when I found myself waiting for a reality show to premiere. LOL

Now mine you I won't watch just anything. My favorite show is The Amazing Race. I miss how they use to have it on during the Summer. I would so love to apply to be on this show. I just don't have anyone who would be willing to do it with me. Paul thinks I'm nuts and lucky for him that from what I've heard you have to be a US Citizen to take part and he's not (yet) so he's safe. That was I would have at least one show to watch during the Summer when there was nothing else on...and mind you this was before our cable station got NESN so we only got to see the odd Sox game. After the Amazing Race I like Survivor (I'm so glad that Tom won this past season. He so deserved to win), then Queer Eye. VH1 about 3 Saturdays ago showed a marathon of this season of America's Next Top Model. I'd watch most of a previous season when VH1 did this...was it last year?? I'm not sure. So I got to watch it all in a sitting then I taped the final. I like these shows where something happens or you have to do things but, then there are the ones I like to watch just cause I like to see what other people do. My latest watch is Blow Out on Bravo. I watched it last year while Paul was in Australia and it's not back on.

I know! I know! I'm a total sad case.

Then I've got during the year all the regular weekly shows that I watch (CSI (I just loved the finally this year. I was on the seat of my pants the whole 2 hours, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Two and a half Men, & Lost. We can't forget Lost. Now there is a show I'm glad turned out to be as good as I had hoped it would be. I can't wait for the Fall and next season.

Ok so it's really hot here and I think I'm starting to ramble. Someone just throw a cross stitch project at me and send me on my way. I tried to stitch tonight but, I just kept getting up to do other things. I just can't seem to keep my mind on one thing for to long lately. I think it's the weather. Maybe it's cause the Sox game is still in a rain delay and I feel like I want to watch the game and stitch. Maybe I could put one of the Playoff fames from last year against the Yankees on and stitch to that. LOL I'd be so nervous that I'd probably not get anything done even though I know how it ends.

I think I'll just got get the Book I'm reading
Bono by Michka Assayas and read till the game either starts or is called because of rain.

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