Monday, January 3, 2011

I decided to start with Little Snap Dragon from my UFO list to get done this year. I'll work on this for a few weeks...or till something else calls to me.

This is what I got done over the weekend. (you can see the orignal WIP picture below)

1 of the colors for the wings wasn't in the bag I had all the floss for this project in. So I went out today and got it. Can't wait to get working on it agian. Everytime I went to work on a different color I seemed to want to work on the color I didn't have.


Mary said...

Yay! I love the colors in this pattern. I can't wait to see your progress. If you finish it before Celebration of Needlework, you will have to bring it up so I can oogle it. Granted it's like 4 months

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing this one grow, it looks lovely :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

It is looking great, I have this one fully kitted in my stash but I have far too many wips to consider starting anything.