Thursday, July 5, 2007

A gift and some help

Today is Vonna's birthday and I sent her the needle book above. She received it today and I got the nicest thank you e-mail (Thanks Vonna!) I knew she liked flowers and the color yellow so I knew I had my work cut out for me when I found this pattern.

I started my Lizzie Kate July piece yesterday. I didn't think the red border for the stamp was going to show to well on the yellow fabric so I changed the border to red.

I need your help. My DH's Aunt would like me to stitch this piece for her. She has said right off the bat that she would pay me to do this. So doing it as a gift is not a option but, it was a sweet idea for thouse of you who asked me about it or mentioned it.

I"m trying to figure how much I should charge her to do this piece. I would be paying for the chart, fabric, floss and shipping it to her in Australia. Is $50.00 US out of line? I was thinking of $40.00 but, I don't want to sell myself short or end up not getting much for my time cause what I'd need to stitch the piece and mail it would cost more then I realize.

My MIL would like me to do a piece for her too but, she's not decided on one yet but, the one she's looking at (different style - she wants Chickens for her Kitchen).

Monday was DH's birthday I took the day off to spend with him. We didn't do anything special just went out and spent the day together. I got him a small cake we had while watching tv on Monday night.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, and thanks for all of you who stop by my blog and leave comments. I've had some new visitors lately and I've enjoyed checking out all your blogs.

By the way I still have spots open on my new PIF if your interested!


Anonymous said...

Vonna's needlebook looks so sweet!! The colours you used are beautiful. As for your stitching dilemma... hmm, that's a tough one. You could make it a gift, but if that just isn't possible I suppose if I were you I would charge her the actual cost (materials, postage). At least you will have the joy of stitching it, right?!!!! I love "Gourmet Garden"!! It doesn't go wel with our kitchen at all, but I'm going to stitch it anyway... LOL

Jennifer said...

What a pretty needlebook! Great start on your Lizzie Kate piece as well. As for the piece for your DH's it possible to wait until you've shipped it to total your costs?

Vonna said...

Hmm....that is a dilemma for sure...I think I'd figure out the cost of all the materials and then charge $30-40 for the stitching alone. Or you can at least see what the materials cost and go from there....I personally don't think $50 is out of line.
I have a set of 3 chicken's sitting in baskets with quilt backdrops from an old BH&G Cross stitch and Country Crafts mag. They are darling about 9 x 9 I think. They are a trio and absolutely gorgeous...I've been wanting forever to stitch them for my kitchen, if you'd like more info e-mail me :)

YES I do LOVE my needlebook and it is such a tiny darling wee it!! Thanks again Jenn you are a sweetheart and dear friend!

Carol said...

Sweet little gift :-) Wish I could help, but have no clue about how to charge for stitching.... sorry :-(

Pumpkin said...

The needlebook is sweet Jen and great progress on the LK!

I remember years ago I got a formula for calculating a sale price for your cross stitch. I believe you multiply the stitch count H x W and then multiply the result with $0.01. Again, that was YEARS ago so you might want to increase to $0.02. Factor in your materials (floss, fabric, pattern, framing) and that should be approximately the price you charge. You'll never make money on your time :o(

Anonymous said...

Vonna's needlebook is pretty and good progress on LK :)

As for what to charge.. I agree with Cathey (pumpkin) charge per stitch count and then add the fabric, thread and postage costs.

Stitchingnow said...

Love the needle book & the new start. I would just charge for the total cost as well. The gift part could be you stitching it with love.

Carla said...

Lovely little needlebook! and great start on your July block!

Dawn said...

The needlebook is adorable!! Great start on the LK July:)

Barb said...

The Needlebook is so cute. You are off to a good start on the Lizzie Kate. As far as what to charge. I've heard a penny a stitch plus cost of materials, and of course framing or finishing, and the postage.

Mary said...

The needlebook you made for Vonna is sooo pretty. Good luck with the Lizzie Kate too. You are really doing great with doing one a month and getting them done so quick each month.
I am clueless when it comes to charging for stitching an item for someone. But one thing I can ask is are you going to frame it or send it to her so she can frame it on Australia? That will be a big determination in price since a finished item will be heavier and also more insurance to pay. Just a thought for you.
I think it's great you are going to stitch it for her. It's a really cute pattern. I can't wait to see it as it grows.

stitcherw said...

Your needlebook for Vonna turned out lovely, and you got a great start on the LK flip-it. As to pricing the stitching, sorry can't help much on that. Reading the other posts I'd either go with charging just for the materials and seeing if you could do the stitching as a gift, or if not charging the 1 cent per stitch plus material cost. Good luck on figuring it out. It is a lovely piece (it's on my wish list too) and I'll enjoy watching you stitch it.

tkdchick said...

Vonna's gift is just lovely!

Personally I do model stitcing and I don't think 50 is enough...

Charge 1 cent per stitch plus supplies. Dont' forget shipping to Aus is going to cost a considerable amount.

Do your research before you quote a price.