Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ott Light

I've been thinking about for a few weeks getting a light to stitch with. The way our new family room is set up with the couch I sit in is right in front of the TV and my light is behind me to the left. Well where the light it shins onto the TV. It doesn't bother DH but, it does me. So I've been thinking of an Ott light. maybe one like this.

My questions is does anyone use an ott light? There are so many to pick from and all I can seem to see in the difference with any of them is the cost. I just don't want to get one then find out I'm not happy with it cause it does the same thing my light does now (which I don't' think this one will cause it's a (I guess I"ll call it) bar light and the one I'm using now is a round globe light.


'Berta said...

I don't have an OTT but I did buy a nice daylight lamp and it has made such a difference! The colours are true. I do have OTT on my wish list if I ever win a lottery!

stitcherw said...

I have an ott light and love it. It is by my stitching chair and makes seeing colors so much easier. Also, the light is softer so is easier on my eyes. I got mine one of the times there was a sale on and have had for several years (and it still is on the original bulb).

Carol said...

Hi Jenn, I use the floor stand model Ott Lite - it is an antique look lamp with a bell shaped shade - couldn't stitch without it! I highly recommend one!

Michelle said...

I have the same one as you are looking at and I love it. I really does make a difference when looking at the colors.

I also have the orig bulb for the last 2 yrs, I had heard of others having probs w/their bulbs so I bought a spare w/the light.

Happy New Year Jenn!

Juul :o) said...

I stitch under my "normal" lightbulb lamp, I do have a Daylight and a Biolight, but I still prefer the colour of a normal lightbulb...
Try the daylightlightbulb first, before buying an expensive new lamp. (...and it fits in any (much cheaper Ikea or other) floorlamp)

Till next year, witch has already arrived on my side of the planet, LOL
Have a save and happy New Year!
Where did 2006 go? LOL Time flies when having fun.

Suzanne said...

I have an Ott light and I LOVE it - makes a world of difference stitching on 32 ct or higher fabric for me - I have really bad eyesight and can't see with "normal" light. I have a floorstand model (kinda like the one you are looking at, mine is 4-5 years old). Truly makes a difference in my stitching. Purchased mine with 50% off coupon at Joanns.

KaLu said...

how funny! I have the same problem in my room, just about an hour ago I made DB change the light bulbs lol we now have 3 100 watts but I bought the kind that makes the light white not yellow...Its so bright in here freddy swears I'm going to end up with a tan lol.
I tried to stitch but the baby is not letting me so there goes that *sighs*