Sunday, August 27, 2006

Long weekend

You know it use to be I looked foward to the weekend so I could relax but, with trying to sell the condo I don't ever seem to relax any more. It's so hard having what I feel like is my life on display for everyone to see. People seem to like the condo but, have one reason or another for not wanting to buy it. The most recent we seem to be getting is that the Condo fees are to high. LIKE I CAN CONTROL THAT! I just feel like we are not going to sell the condo and we are going to loose the house. *sigh*

Ann you suggest that I take a 'sick' day when I said I needed a day off. I would and I do have the time but, see the problem is that I'm trying to save all my vacation time for when we move and we don't get sick days at my work. I would take the day off with out pay but, we are trying to save every penny we can for the move cause we will have to pay to have the home inspected, then pay the movers and probably 100 other things I'm not thinking of right now.

I did have a nice Friday afternoon. My apt was at 2 but, I got there early so they took me early. I was out of there by 2:15 and home by 2:40 after making a stop at the store. I curled up on the couch and watched one of my Firefly DVD's. I'd be wanting to watch one of them again for a while so it felt nice to be able to do it.

Its funny I can go a long time with out anyone signing my guest map then in a matter of days with out mentioning it a number of new people to my bog all signed it with in a 3 day period. Just thought it was kind of funny. Made me go Hmmmmm :)


Lisa said...

Sorry your house selling is stressing you out. Hope you get a sale soon.

Signed your guest map ;o)

Mary said...

Hi Jenn!
I hope the condo will sell soon. That's great you have more people looking at your blog. If it's the map you had on your old blog design, I signed it a while ago. You'll have to let me know if it is a new one.
How did your appointment go on Friday?

Carol said...

Hi Jenn, I hope you can hang in there. Buying and selling houses (or condos) ranks up there on the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale... way, way, way up at the top. It is a bit of a buyer's market right now with the economy. My neighbor is selling and it is going slow for him too. It's important not to take anyone's reasons personally.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear your condo still isn't selling. I am going to send some selling vibes your way and I hope it helps. We have a few homes for sell in our area and they haven't gone as fast as they did in early summer. It could just be slow for now. Keep your chin up and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed.

Von said...

Selling one home and buying another can be such a difficult time and I'm sorry that it's that way for you. Hang in there, the right buyer is bound to come along. :)

Joyce said...

Jenn, I'm thinking about you lots, and hope things go well. I'm glad you got a little break with Firefly and stitching. During stressful times even little things like that can make a difference!