Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Happy August

Well it would be Happy August if it wasn't so hot here. Although I have to say it's not as bad as they said it would be. The weatherman said it was going to be around 100 deg today. Yet here it is noon time and it's only 85. I don't see it getting much hotter as the afternoon goes on.

I hope everyone else who is caught up in this heat wave is keeping cool.

Another (small) update on Halloween Fairy.

I kept picking her up and putting her down last night so I didn't get much done.

No news on our condo. I'll keep you all posted. For those of you who mentioned the pine tree in front of what I hope will be our new home. I do like it too but, you can't see the house with it there and it blocks you seeing out the living room window. That is why I want to take it down.


Sue said...

I love Halloween Fairy. She is so cute. Your stitching is nice. It's very hot here too.

catandturtle said...

Hi Jenn, how's it going? It is so hot up here, down there too I bet. Halloween Fairy looks great. I framed mine the other day and put a pic of it up on my blog. I can't wait to start the Christmas one. Ann.

Juul :o) said...

She's looking great Jenn!
Thanks for the photo.
Our heatwave lasted for 4 weeks and it just ended. :o)

I understand why you want to cut down the tree, but I also learned to live all saesons in a new garden, and than decide what to change.
You can cut that tree down in a jiffy, but it will take years to grow, and it is a great place for birds to shelter and nest.
Just a thought. :o)

Cindy said...

Love your Halloween Fairy...it is looking wonderful! I *finally* received mine today and am planning on starting it tonight :)

Karen said...

She looks awesome! : )

Lovestitch114 said...

Hi Jenn! This is Eileen, we met briefly at Celebrations. I am stitching the Halloween Fairy too, and I love how yours is coming out. Happy Stitching!