Sunday, July 2, 2006

Time to Share

I can finally post pictures of the 2 pieces I did for Paul for his Birthday.
I couldn't do it before now as he was in Australia visiting family when I finished them and I knew he would be showing some family members my blog.

I did a little work on Halloween Fairy today but, it was just to hot so I didn't get much done. I thought Paul had the day off work tomorrow but, it turns out he has Wednesday due to a problem with his request for a day off paperwork, so he has to work. Now that I'll be alone I should be able to get some stitching done.

I hope that everyone in the US is enjoying the long weekend (and being safe) and that you don't have to work tomorrow, or Tuesday. :)


AnneS said...

I bet Paul loves his gifts - they look great! :D

Juul :o) said...

Lovely gifts, jenn! :o)
It's very hot here too!
Enjoy your holiday! :o)

Carol said...

Wow, those are cool! Great job - I bet he loves them :-)

Kathy said...

Great gifts Jenn, I bet Paul loved them.

Hugs xxxxx

Bastet said...

They're lovely! I'm sure they went over well. I know the patriot one would in this household. DH is a big fan of theres.
I worked today but I'm off the next two. Just worked out that way with my normal days off. Keep cool!

Missy said...

They look great, Jenn! And the framing is perfect.

I hear ya about being hot...status quo here.


Cute pic at the top BTW ; )

karensff said...

Those designs look great, congrats. Your blog is also looking great.

Hope you enjoy your day to yourself.


Sue said...

Your pieces are wonderful. Beautiful framing as well as stitching.