Thursday, July 13, 2006

Is the week over yet?

Oh what a long miserable week this has been and I just can't wait for it to be over.

There really hasn't been anything to make it this bad. I guess I just want it over.

Thanks to everyone who posted to let me know what RAK means. I feel kind of silly now that I know what it is but, I just for the life of me couldn't figure it out.

Here is my latest update on Halloween Fairy.

I see a bunch of you have done her or are about to. Jules is about to start hers so I need to pick up the pace so once she starts she don't finish before me. *grin*
And CatandTurtle (sorry I don't know what your name is...and I couldn't find it on your blog :( ) finished hers in record time.

I also got my Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 10th Anniversary Collection on Saturday. I've had a lot of fun looking though it. I only had 1 or 2 of the old issues so it's nice to see all of the pieces I'd never seen before.

The house hunt is going slowly. We found a place that we REALLY liked...ok I really liked it Paul liked it but, he's a guy he's not going to flip out over a house like I am. but, we didn't get it because we hadn't sold our place and the owner wants to be out very quickly. So they took another offer. I keep looking but, I'm not finding anything else that I like or that I want to go and see. I'm not worried, I know something will turn up I just need to give it time.

We've had a ton of people come and look at our place but, so far no offers. :(
I'll keep you all posted as things progress.


Carol said...

Hi Jenn - your Halloween Fairy looks wonderful! I might have to pick this one up - I adore her granny boots :-)

Catandturtle's name is Ann. She is a good friend of Sue, the owner of Colonial Needleworks :-)

The housing market is a little slow, but you will do well with it. It will take some patience. It took six months to sell my house in Derry back in 2000, and the market was about the same then... hang in there, you will get something great!!

catandturtle said...

Hi Jenn, the fairy looks great. I really enjoyed stitching her with crescent colors. I hadn't used them before and they are so soft. BTW, I used to live in Madison CT, are you near there?

Missy said...

Your fairy is looking great! I love her mask.

I am still debating on buying the magazine...I can't find my 1998 (I thought I had it) and I don't have 1997 either so it may be a good deal for me. I got a bunch of the back issues at a couple of years ago for a good price, not sure if they still have them or if you would want them.

Hang in there with the house. I think that the housing market is going to be going through some changes...just in time for us to come home and try to buy something :(

Almost TGIF for you!


Juul :o) said...

Thanks for the fairy photo! :o)
Love it!